What My Tuesdays Look Like


Tuesday evenings during spring and summer host one of my favorite weekly rides. It’s a throw down on road bikes that range in mileage from about thirty to over fifty depending on how much daylight we have. We ride the same route every Tuesday which includes several hills and turns. Having twenty people there to ride is commonplace. Everyone knows the sprint points, everyone knows the contented hills. It’s the best kind of friendly race, and it happens every week. It’s great, in a painful kind of way.

Just over a week ago, one of my awesome teammates David decided to skip the ride in favor of resting his legs and also to break out a camera to capture the action. The camera brought out the attacker in all of us it seemed. I’m grateful to have some nice pictures of this weekly ride, it’s nice to have them documented to look back on.

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The full set of pictures from that day are available here.

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