TRP Spyre Disc Brake Review

MJ5L0909When I was thinking through my commuter build I knew I wanted disc brakes for their superior all conditions braking ability. I also knew I wanted mechanical brakes to keep costs reasonable for a commuter. Within those boundaries I choose TRP Spyre brakeset for a few reasons. Most importantly, they feature dual pulling brake pads. Unlike the vast majority of mechanical disc brakes on the market, when you pull the brake lever with the TRP Spyre brakes both brake pads compress equally. This gives the brakes a consistent feel and an easier setup.

MJ5L0912 Since June I’ve spent a lot of time riding my commuter and I’ve formed some opinions about the TRP Spyre brakes. The modulation and feel are both still good. They have good stopping power and they have not come out of alignment since initial setup. The brakes have plenty of clearance with the rear rack.

MJ5L0915 MJ5L0920Overall I have been happy with the brakes. The only downside has been a touch of roughness between the pads and rotors when braking. It’s not at a level that causes concern, but it’s worth mentioning. When compared to Avid BB7 brakes I’ve used in the past, I like the TRP Spyre brakes much more based on look, feel, and ease of maintenance.


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6 thoughts on “TRP Spyre Disc Brake Review

  1. What is it about Spyres that you like better than Avid BB7’s?

    I currently have Avid BB5 and I want to upgrade to Avid BB7 or Spyre

    • Both pads move in the same manner as hydraulic disc brakes. Mechanical disc brakes tend to be single pull movement. That can make setup and adjustments harder.

  2. Thanks for your review and reply Matthew.

    As much as it is a pain to adjust my avid bb5 they had a good lever feel and felt very light and linear in modulation. Hoping for something similar or even better with the Spyres.

    1.How would you compare the feel of both brakes modulation?

    I’m also gonna be running the spyres without compression less housing for the time being.

    2. How do you think that will effect lever pull/ performance in your opinion?

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