Traveling Days Of Summer

We’re definitely traveling more so after moving to Texas. Mostly to and back from Illinois. Trips as a family are a fun new adventure. Last weekend we headed back to Bloomington Illinois to get our doggo checked up after her ACL tear surgery. All good news on that front. Tails wagging, smiles had.

I brought my road bike and caught a 50 mile charity ride with some of the best people I know – Bloomington Cycle folks.

Random pictures because socks make people happy and bikes in elevators feel picture worthy.

I’m writing this from a few moments in my office at home listing to the new Queens of the Stone Age single.

Later tonight my wife and I hop a plane to Vegas for our first non kiddo trip since Layla was born. Long fun relaxing weekend with some shows and dinners. I’m planning on riding some of the single track while I’m out there one afternoon so there should be some decent pictures and words to come out of that.

Enjoy your night, summer is here. Enjoy a popsicle, beer, or whatever is your thing. More to come soon.

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