Today On A Bike

This week’s been a bit tough for me with a kidney stone, something I deal with once a year or so. I didn’t get a lot of miles in this week because of that but I did manage this relaxing ride at Northshore and a group road ride earlier this week. It was my first time riding my fatbike there. It’s a rough ride on a rigid bike even if it’s got fat tires. Sadly, my titanium fatbike probably doesn’t have a long life with me looking forward. I love it but I don’t think I’ll ride it enough to justify keeping it. I think a hardtail or another Epic would get a lot more use in my normal mountain biking down here in Texas.

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6 thoughts on “Today On A Bike

  1. Nice photos- cool to see panoramics. Never knew Texas was so green. Kidney stones are painful – Hope you feel better soon !

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