Today On A Bike

2015-01-04 09.49.41Today I joined some friends on the Illinois River for some Quad City inspired fat bike stomping. My face still hurts from smiling so much. This is my favorite type of riding in the winter. It was very similar to the riding I’ve fallen in love with in past trips on the Mississippi.

The flood plains along the river banks provide a lot of variety and options for everyone to enjoy. My favorite cycling trips are the ones that offer something for everyone. The mixture of riding over makeshift obstacles and riding the river bank is a blast. A big thanks to the people who organized the ride today. I can’t wait to go back!

2015-01-04 09.37.32 2015-01-04 09.29.34 2015-01-04 09.58.44 2015-01-04 09.40.16

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6 thoughts on “Today On A Bike

  1. Hey Matthew, I’m in Iowa City. What group are you riding with? Love to come out and join you guys on this one if you do it again this winter. Cheers, Andy

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