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2014-07-21 07.31.30Sometimes it’s nice to escape. Be it unplugging from the world or putting aside stress or thoughts that weigh on happiness. Today’s commute to work was a bit of an escape and really enjoyable. For thirty minutes all that existed was pedaling, sun, and the wind.

2014-07-21 07.37.52-6 2014-07-21 07.14.51My commute is filled with little fun segments. One such segment is a tiny bit of singletrack and only lasts about two seconds, but that two seconds is as close to being five years old and out on summer break as it gets. The best part is if you want to enjoy riding, you can find lots of things like this and link them together for an amazing commute.
2014-07-21 07.23.03 2014-07-21 07.25.04 2014-07-21 07.05.38This summer’s riding so far has been a bit different from what I thought it would be. I’m having a harder time getting the same level of enjoyment out of racing cat 1 cross-country mountain bikes as I did with cat 2. I think it’s a combination of putting in more riding and training time and seeing lower ranking results as a product of the field being stronger overall. I feel like I’m in the best cycling shape I’ve ever been in but the race results don’t reflect that. I know it’s a part of racing but it can feel discouraging.

I’ve found more enjoyment in road riding with my team and riding my fat bike on mountain bike rides than ever before. I love the cooler summer temperatures. I’m looking forward to longer rides more so than ever before, but today I found a lot of happiness in the thirty minutes and seven miles to and from work.

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  1. Your commute sounds about like mine. I live on the south edge of town, there are a lot of bike paths running through Iowa City, I hop on and off them, and have a 10 second single track as well. Lots of other bike commuters too. I’m the fastest in the silly commuter racing class Cat 6 :) I always chase the rabbit, and I always win!

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