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2014-07-05 12.46.20Yesterday I joined a couple of friends on a road trip to ride mountain bikes in St. Louis MO, specifically Greensfelder and Chubb trail systems. Both trails offered tech above what I typically ride in the form of rocky terrain. Greensfelder offered equal parts side of hill flow and rocky terrain. I really enjoyed it. The tech wasn’t too far outside of my comfort zone and allowed me to push my boundaries comfortably. My ride data from Greensfelder is here.
2014-07-05 14.30.54 2014-07-05 13.10.03After finishing the main loop at Greensfelder we wanted to ride a bit more before driving home and instead of doubling up on the same trail we decided to go to Chubb trail. Chubb was a fun trail but it was more technical, demanding, and less flowly. I walked at least a three sections of downs and climb sections. The pictures of the trail don’t do the level of tech justice.
2014-07-05 14.33.02 This section of trail had a few drop options, none of which I felt comfortable with.
2014-07-05 15.01.49A far more skilled friend made the 3-4 foot drop look easy!
2014-07-05 15.02.29-3Chubb trail system is fun and I’d recommend riding it, especially if you are looking for some Midwest tech. My ride data from Chubb is here. It was a great day on a bike with good friends, a refreshing change of terrain, and smiles.
2014-07-05 16.09.56

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