Today On A Bike

2014-06-20 08.36.21I’ve never been happier commuting to work! The Surly Straggler has been a treat to ride. I love having a rack that I can attach a bag to that holds all of my stuff. That makes my commute a lot more enjoyable and I end up less sweaty. The combination of the steel frame and the 28c tubeless tires makes for a very comfortable ride. I commuted about 70 miles in the first week of owning the Straggler and loved every mile. I find myself more energized when I get to work or wherever I am going and my seven mile commute only adds about ten minutes of travel. The people commuting via bike or running that I come across are wearing smiles instead looking bored and mad in cars. I find that I enjoy the views much more on a bike as opposed to being in traffic. Take a look at what caught my eye today while pedaling.

2014-06-20 10.27.00 2014-06-20 08.21.05 2014-06-20 08.29.47 2014-06-20 10.24.14 2014-06-20 10.15.13

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