They’re Just Roads

For the past four or so years I’ve ridden road bikes around the town I live in. A town in central Illinois filled with corporate companies, universities, some great local businesses, a uptown full of life, and every chain restaurant known to man (dreadful). It is surrounded largely by farm land, tar and chip roads, livestock fences, barns, and fields.

These country roads that lie outside of town have grown on me over the past few years. It feels silly. I think it comes from the memories of spending time on these roads with good people enjoying a common interest.

They’re just roads, but they have grown on me.

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1 thought on “They’re Just Roads

  1. Gravel has been calling me. I answered the call and now the racing bike isn’t the be all end all. Plus, drivers slow down to wave instead of flipping you the bird. The scenery of open country is beautiful and inspiring. I still enjoy hammering with the fellas but enjoy grinding gravel on drop bars more than ever.

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