The B Word

IMG_0748I’ve found myself a bit burnt-out this fall. In my typical over analytical fashion I’d pinpoint the cause at almost a full year of competitive riding. I know lots of people who do it but I mentally need a break every fall it seems. I find it harder to get on a bike and ride hard for two hours when there is no goal in site.

I struggled for a bit about whether this post had a place on my blog, but when I reread the first post I was reminded of my original intention with this project. Cycles In Life. This lull is my current cycle and if I hide that, I’m not being honest. I’ve also been receiving a lot of positive feedback from readers and the community both local and beyond. Special thanks to those people, it means a lot.

I think I’m going to make a few changes for next year. I think I’m going to focus on crits next season as they are new and exciting to me. I enjoy that there are multiple measures for personal success on any given race day. The tactics appeal to me. I’m sure I will race a fair share of mountain bike races and cross races, but I don’t think I will have a full season of either.

Thinking about this coming winter season of non competitive, fun first riding with good people puts a smile on my face. I’m ready for that. I plan making several return trips to the Mississippi river banks to join what I presume will be the largest gathering of fat bikes ever amassed. I’m ready to feel the cold on my face and hear the silence of the wind while pedaling in the snow.

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1 thought on “The B Word

  1. You love cycling. Don’t let it turn into work and take all the joy and fun out of it. A little break will be good for your passion.

    Snow and Eagles on the Mississippi are both right around the corner!

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