Surly Black Floyd First Impressions

I love my fat bike. Plain and simple. I think there is a lot of mentality that a fat bike is for snow or sand riding, and while they do provide great riding in those conditions, they are not a one trick pony. They are a blast in a lot of riding conditions. I wanted to ride my fat bike throughout summer around town as a commuter. Because of not wanting to prematurely wear out the off road tires that come on most fat bikes, and wanting a smoother roll for riding around town, I purchased a set of Surly Black Floyd tires.


Black Floyds as described by the folks at Surly:

Sometimes a lot of tread isn’t necessary. Sometimes, even on a fat bike, you don’t want to run real low pressure in your tires. Sometimes even fat bikes want to stretch their legs and run. Enter Black Floyd. Black Floyd allows you to pump up the pressure and cruise like a ’71 El Dorado. The casing is designed to work best on 65mm rims. The tread is comprised of tightly spaced low profile “bricks”. Naturally, it’s designed for street and hardpack conditions. We expect the unicyclers will dig this one too. Your ideal pressure will vary according to what you want to ride, but in those places where less is more, Black Floyd will transform your fat bike into a road warrior. 120tpi casing, in wire or Kevlar bead.

First Impressions are that I like them. They provide a smoother and faster rolling experience than any other fat bike tire I have tried to date. They won’t make a fat bike roll like a road bike, but they will allow a platform for pretty effortless 15mph riding around town. I have put about two weeks of riding on them already and love them. I will provide a long term update that details wear and other long term aspects after more time on them.

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