Revelate Tangle Frame Bag Review

MJ5L1436I wanted to explore more gravel rides this year after last years awesome intro to gravel. I made a few changes my Specialized Crux for gravel rides in the cyclocross off-season including Surly Knard 41c tires, side entry water bottle cages, and a Revelate Tangle frame bag.

I knew I needed to be able to carry a variety of items on longer gravel rides. I choose a half frame bag because full frame bags removed the option of water bottles, and saddle bags removed the option of easy access during riding. I choose a Revelate Tangle frame bag because of their build quality and materials used.

I really like that the left side and the right side compartments are separated (roughly 80% 20% spit). It allows for easy access to some things while not having to deal with sorting through other types of items.
MJ5L1438 MJ5L1432

The fit of the bag is great and allows for use on a variety of frames because of the versatility the Velcro and straps have.
MJ5L1426Overall I’m thrilled with the bag. I love that it keeps all water out. The zippers are high quality and feature weather sealing. I like that the interior fabric is bright yellow, making things easier to find. I like there is an access hole to put a hydration bladder inside and run the hose and mouth piece out. There is nothing I’d change about the bag or things I wish it did differently. It’s awesome!

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4 thoughts on “Revelate Tangle Frame Bag Review

  1. Is that a small or med. size bag? I have a 2013 crux disc pro and love it i have the same bag in the light weight white color material. also how do the 41 fit on the cux iam running Bontrager 38 now and have room to spair. any word on the new hydro brake system.

    • The bag is a medium size I believe, sorry it’s been a bit since ordering it. The Surly Knard 41c’s fit but there is not a lot of left over space as you would imagine, and I am running mine tubeless so they may be a bit rounder than if I ran them with tubes. The last I heard from Sram was the revised brakes were ready to be sent to the dealers/ local bike shops. I would think we’ll have them in the next month or so. I’m ready to get the hydraulics back!

  2. Hey, Matt. Did you get that through BC&F? I wonder if the velcro is long enough to work with the huge tubes on my Beargrease?

    • Hey! I did but that at BCF. Mike helped me order it. They have several sizes to choose from. You are more than welcome to borrow mine to check out the Velcro strap length.

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