New Bike Day! Surly Straggler Custom

MJ5L0098I’m fortunate enough to have several bikes but I’ve never had a good commuter.  I enjoy riding around town and to work but without a rack and pannier, my back typically ends up sweaty because of using a backpack to hold my work laptop and other stuff.  My amazing wife decided to do something special for my 30th birthday this year and make my dream commuter a reality!

This bike is very special to me.  Not only is it made of awesome parts, but it has a lot of sentimental value because my wife worked with some special people in my life to make it one of a kind!  She worked with Bloomington Cycle & Fitness to order the parts, some of which were hard to find, she worked with one of my best friends who is a painter to lay down an amazing and unique paint job, and she worked it out for me to watch and help with the build process as much as I could.

I used the Sram Rival group from my now sold Specialized Roubaix for the drivetrain.
MJ5L0087The wheels are built up with Chris King R45 hubs and Stans Iron Cross rims, and Hutchinson Sector 28c tubeless tires.
MJ5L0051 MJ5L0068 MJ5L0070The brakes are TRP Spyre.  In my opinion they up the bar for mechanical disc brakes.  They feature dual moving brake pads that help with modulation, power, and setup.
MJ5L0106The cockpit is made up of a Thomson seat post and stem, a S-Works carbon handlebar, Brooks Cambium saddle.  The front end is held together with a Chris King headset.
MJ5L0093 MJ5L0049 MJ5L0045The rear rack is made by Civia and is minimal and lightweight.
MJ5L0072 MJ5L0114 MJ5L0117I very grateful for my wife, my amazing friend who painted the frame, and my local bike shop for making the parts gathering and the assembly a reality!  I won’t forget what you all did!
MJ5L0065 MJ5L0104

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17 thoughts on “New Bike Day! Surly Straggler Custom

  1. I didn’t realize that the bike I was drooling over last night was yours! That is one sweet commuter, and I agree, you are a fortunate guy!

  2. Absolutely flawless bike! I’m hoping to build up one like it soon. Just curious, did you ever weigh the bike after it was finished?

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  4. The bike is beautiful! You have an amazing wife and I’m lucky enough to have her as my daughter-in-law. You will remember your 30th birthday gift for the rest of your life. :)

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  6. Picture-Googling around for inspiration for a Straggler build this bike stood out among the rest. Very, very good looking build and with the story it gets even better!

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