New Bike Day! 2014 Specialized CruX Expert Red Disc

I remember the first bicycle I saw under the Christmas tree growing up. One of the few similarities between that day and present day, is the feeling you get when you get a new bicycle. There’s something special about it…

My beautiful, loving, understanding :), and supportive wife surprised me on our wedding anniversary this year with a cyclocross bike a bit earlier than I was expecting. I was planning on picking it up in October, but she’s just that awesome!

Enter the newest member of the fleet, 2014 Specialized CruX Expert Red Disc.

I love it so far! The bike is stock save for a set of Shimano XTR pedals and a set of Salsa skewers from previous builds. I really like the group so far. I have a 2012 Sram Red group on my Roubaix and I like the direction Sram has moved to with the new 22 group choices. It shifts quickly and crisply. I’ve grown accustom to double tap interface and it feels like an old friend on the new group. The hydraulic brakes feel good. I wasn’t sure what to expect as far as power or modulation, but I think the first real difference I can feel is a lack of effort to use them. I’m sure I will have a more opinionated reaction after a few races on them. My only concern is longevity of the brakes performance. Over the years some of the Avid brakes I have used seem to be good when new, but seem to have some performance fade as time passes.

On to some more pictures! For full resolution versions, click the image, be patient, they are large :)

Taller hoods on the new 22 group add some more surface area to hold onto where the master cylinder is housed. I’m sure when they are covered in mud, I’ll appreciate the increased size.






I love the internal housed cables and brake lines!

As always, everything you see me riding on comes from the best bike shop around, Bloomington Cycle & Fitness

IMG_0444sBike Update! (11-01-2013)

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8 thoughts on “New Bike Day! 2014 Specialized CruX Expert Red Disc

    • Thanks! The bike (54cm) currently weighs 19.8lbs with the stock wheels set up tubeless and the salsa skewers. I believe it weighed around 20.0 lbs stock.

  1. Great bike I want to get one in 61 size myself.
    Any idea about rear hub spacing? Is it 135mm?
    Do you think I could fit compact crankset on this one (can the front derailleur be adjusted upwards)?
    Thanks and enjoy your bike…

  2. Really nice bike! Great photos. I just got a Crux myself and have been soaking in everyone’s impressions of the bike. Of note, I think your front brake cable needs to be re-routed to the inside of the fork. I could get snagged running it to the outside like that :)

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