My Intro Into Sufferfest Training Products

Sufferfest ScreenshotI recently made the decision to purchase a training plan and accompanying videos. The decision comes from three main thoughts:

  1. I want something to make indoor riding more fun. I don’t mind riding rollers for a half hour or so, but anything more than that and I am usually pretty bored. I hope the videos will add additional intrigue.
  2. I would like to improve more this year. I think most people would. I had a successful cycling year in 2013 with highlights including winning the Illinois Cat 2 Mountain Bike Championship and a time of 2:46:03 at Chequamegon, which I was happy with for starting in the last gate.
  3. My wife and I having our first child this May, and I anticipate riding more indoors in 2014 than I did in 2013.

I decided to invest in Sufferfest products as I have heard good things via word of mouth and after researching their products compared to their competition, it seemed like the proper fit for what I was looking for. I like that I own what I purchase, other similar training companies only let you watch videos as long as your membership is current.

I plan on starting the training plan this Monday and will provide updates and my thoughts after spending some time with the training plan and videos.

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