My Intro Into Gore Bike Wear

IMG_0381Bloomington Cycle & Fitness recently held a Gore bike wear clinic which was timed great for me as I needed to revisit my fall and winter riding gear. I have wanted to expand my cold weather riding gear as I think the right riding gear is as important or more so than the bike you are riding. In the past I have ridden all winter, but have used gear that was aimed at skiing such as Under Armor Cold Gear and been less than thrilled with the experiences they provided. I have heard great things about Gore products, and wanted to see if it the hype was warranted.
2013-10-25 19.36.26I picked up a variety of gear aimed at riding in the cold. I wanted to have my bases covered in riding from 60’s to the 20’s and possibly colder. Coupled with a combination of Smart Wool base layers, I bought two jackets that can be worn separately or worn in combination.

Gore ALP-X 2.0 Jacket
IMG_0370Gore Tool Glove
IMG_0080Gore Universal Headband
IMG_0404Gore Fusion Tool JacketIMG_0390Gore ALP-X GT Glove
I’m going to refrain from a full review of any individual piece of gear until I spend more time with each of the them. I will say that in the past 10 days of use, I’m very happy with all of it so far!

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