Louisville Mega Cavern Bike Park


While in Kentucky this weekend for NAHBS, we made a stop by the Louisville Mega Cavern Bike Park. It’s a big underground cavern of attractions including zip lines, tours, and now a MTB/ dirt jump park. It was pretty interesting looking around while in there at the walls and ceiling. The cave stays 58º F on average year round or so I read on one of the fact sheets hanging up.

If you’re in search for a jump park to ride during the winter, this is a great option, or so it looked from a non jumper’s perspective. Beyond the jumps, there were smaller roughly tenth mile sections of MTB trail that you could link together to make big loops around the park, varying the lines and obstacles each lap. While I had a good time, I’m not sure there is enough to do to warrant a trip back for the non jumping crowd.

MJ5L3125 MJ5L3113 MJ5L3109 MJ5L3108 MJ5L3103 MJ5L3096

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