Lazer Dissent Helmet Review

IMG_2361I love riding in the winter. During riding last winter I realized I didn’t need the highly vented helmet I race in during the fall, spring, and summer for most winter types of riding. I wanted a helmet that provided insulation, the ability to open and close vents, an ability to tighten the helmet on the head with a ratchet system, and would interface with goggle straps.

I found all of those traits in the Lazer Dissent. I’ve ridden in the helmet for a while now and couldn’t be happier with my purchase. I really like this helmet. It fits very comfortably and is well-balanced on my head.
IMG_9778I really appreciate the functionality the helmet provides. The vents can be closed for colder riding and opened when the increased airflow is desired with the slider.
IMG_9782The helmets inner straps and retaining system are adjustable via the knob on the rear top portion of the helmet to allow for as snug of fit as you want. I appreciate how easy this system is to operate, even with snow-covered winter gloves. I also like the built-in interface for holding goggle straps.
IMG_9780The helmet secures with a neat magnet instead of the typical buckle. At first I thought this was a little gimmicky, but after realizing how easy it is to strap on the helmet with thick gloves on, I’m sold. It works.

The only downside that this and every other snow sports helmet I’ve seen is the lack of a way to attach a light for night riding. I’m not too concerned as most snow/ fat bike rides are at a slow enough pace that I can get by safely with just a bar light.

Again, I love this helmet. If you are interested in a snow sports helmet. I’d recommend giving this one a try.

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3 thoughts on “Lazer Dissent Helmet Review

  1. Matt, I agree with everything you mention here. I love mine. One thing I have noticed is that the ear muffs do attenuate sound quite a bit. That may not be an issue for most but if you,like me, already have a bit of hearing loss this may be an issue. Great helmet!

  2. You can now get a light attachment for the helmet. It interfaces with the option GoPro kit. This is a replacement rollsys cover that has a Gopro mount moulded into it. The light mount clips into the Gopro mount. It’s so slick!

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