It Wouldn’t Be A Bicycle Blog Without Bicycles

I am fortunate to own several bicycles. I thoroughly enjoy them all for different purposes. In my adult life, I started with a 2010 Trek 6500 mountain bike. It introduced me to a new possibility of enjoyment in the form of riding single track. Little did I know the impact that summer of riding would have on me. Flash forward two years, and I was ready for an upgrade. I settled on a 2010 Specialized Stumpjumper FSR Elite. This was also the time when I was introduced to Bloomington Cycle & Fitness. From my first experience in the shop through today, I can’t speak highly enough for them. The owners and employees are knowledgeable and are cyclist themselves. I heard a good friend say something that I believe sums up the experience well, Bloomington Cycle & Fitness sells cycling as a lifestyle, not bicycles. Today I am pretty happy and honored to be friends with the crew. Good people through and through. The Stumpjumper FSR was a great bike and provided me countless great memories including my first mountain bike race at Kickapoo, IL. Having a mountain bike was great but in Illinois, you can only ride at the mercy of weather and trail conditions, and in the spring, this is a bummer without a road bike. Enter my purchase of a 2011 Specialized Roubaix. Since purchasing, I have added a 2012 Sram Red group with the previous Sram Red crank set and front derailleur. I have also added a set of Renyolds Assault wheels, Specialized Romain saddle, carbon handlebar and Look pedals.

2011 Specialized Roubaix

Around this time, the groups of people I was riding with and myself started to be a little more interested in racing mountain bikes. The Stumpjumper FSR was a fun bike, but chasing race bikes on it was a little tough. I decided to purchase a more race orientated mountain bicycle. I purchased a 2011 Stumpjumper Expert 29er. Great bicycle that still is very fast, probably more so than I am. Since purchasing the bicycle, I have added a new wheel set of DT Swiss 240 hubs and Stans Arch rims, carbon handlebar, carbon seat post, Syntace 105mm stem, and Shimano XTR pedals.

2011 Stumpjumper Expert 29er

By this time, I was riding a lot. I rode the previous winter on the Stumpjumper FSR, but that was less than ideal in deep snow. I was following fat bikes which are made for riding in snow, sand, or anything else really. I couldn’t swing a fat bike that winter but I was hooked, I knew I had to have one. The next winter I made that happen with the purchase of a 2011 Surly Pugsley. Fat bikes resonated instantly with me. I love riding a bike with the sole purpose of enjoying it. Don’t get me wrong, I love riding a road bike and mountain bike, but most of the time, those are at great speed and focused on training for the season. With a fat bike, for me, it’s only about enjoying the moment.

Around this time, I had an accident while riding that resulted in a broken neck. Long story short, it sucked, but everything worked out. I had to take the majority of 2012 off of cycling. I now have a ti souvenir, and my wife can say that I’m screwed up :)

Going into this year’s mountain bike season, I knew I wanted to race a full suspension bike. It was a pretty easy choice to pick a Specialized Epic as I had fallen in love with them over the years demoing them. I sold my 2010 Specialized Stumpjumper FSR, and purchased a 2013 S-Works Epic XTR. I have added a carbon Specialized Phenom saddle, a shorter 75mm Syntace stem, and Shimano XTR pedals.

2013 S-Works Epic XTR

The winter after the accident, I was riding my Pugsely as often as I could. I made the decision to upgrade my fatbike and sold my Pugsely. I purchased a 2012 Salsa Mukluk Ti. Since purchasing it, I added a Thomson 90mm stem, carbon handlebar, Specialized Phenom saddle, Carver O’Beast carbon fork, and a variety of tires, most recently a set of Surly Black Floyd 120 TPI’s for summer rolling around. The bike is too fun to put up for the summer.

2012 Salsa Mukluk Ti

And that, is my collection at the moment. Thanks for reading!

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4 thoughts on “It Wouldn’t Be A Bicycle Blog Without Bicycles

  1. Beautiful pix and the bikes are awesome! I love how you have all of the tire logos symmetrically lined up.

    Hey, I just bought your GT Gutterball today. My first SS and I’m truly loving it!

    Enjoying your blog,

  2. Very nicely documented, and great photographs! Which one did you break your neck on? The 2010 Specialized Stumpjumper FSR Elite?

    So happy everything healed and worked out so well! Pretty scary for a couple days!

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