Gore ALP-X Shorts Review


I love Gore gear, it always performs. It’s functional, well designed, and tailored for intended use. What makes great shorts compared to normal shorts for mountain biking? I think it has to start with a lot of intention. As with all Gore gear I own, every aspect of these shorts seem to be well thought out and has an emphasis on functionality.

The fit of these shorts is great. The length has the legs end at about the knee or a little lower while standing or higher when pedaling. The legs are that magical area between too tight and too baggy. They have a detachable inner great chamois, comfortable all the way through a six-hour ride. Comfort is key in a chamois, and these deliver.

They have useful normal placement pockets on both sides, something that isn’t guaranteed on every pair of shorts.


The waist on the outer short has a zipper and button closure, it is both secure and comfortable.

MJ5L5348 MJ5L5339 MJ5L5342

The crotch and back panels feature wind and spray protection, a feature I throughly tested while on a recent trip to the mountains of Colorado caught riding in the rain and grit. It’s hard to see how covered in water and some mud I was but under my Gore gear, I was comfortable and dry.


These shorts have vents that can be opened or closed via zippers allowing cooling on demand. A feature that I used more than I thought I would.

MJ5L5346 MJ5L5354

Overall I’m really happy with the shorts. Off of the bike, they are a touch longer than my ideal preference, but when riding with bent knees and sitting in the saddle, the length is pretty great. The chamois and functionality is stellar and that is the most important aspect to me. The best part is, I know they will function just as great in years to come. Gore continues to amaze me with their quality.

Full disclosure, Gore sent me these shorts to use, and try. This review, my thoughts, and opinions are as honest, unbiased, and transparent as I can possibly be.

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