Cycles In Life

Life’s funny in the mixture of emotions, good or bad in life. I seldom feel a singular emotion. Inspiration, boredom, creative exhaust, or some other mixture of feelings have led to the start of my blog.

Life, at least to me, is a cyclical experience. You like something, you feel something, and then some time passes… Priority’s change, desires change, life changes. Sometimes, these colors of feelings, emotions, and desires cycle back to the foreground. This feeling of cycles in life mixed with a self admitted bad pun for cycling is the root of the blog title and its future content. I’m not sure how long it will last, but it will be a time capsule into this cycle in my life.

I am a thirty-four year pretty normal guy who loves my daughter, my wife who’s too good to me, great friends, coding, sneakers, video games, and bicycles.  I lived in central Illinois for just over thirty years and in 2017 my family and I packed up for the life changing move to Dallas Texas.  I met some truly amazing people during my time in Bloomington Illinois.  Randy, Scott & Caryn, Russ & Lori, Ken, and the whole BCF crew.  I love you folks.

I work for an IT shop and I do a fair bit of cycling year round which includes commuting, road riding, mountain biking, and winter riding.  I aim to detail some of my favorite rides, review a few of the cycling related products I use, and my thoughts on cycling in today’s world.

My lovely wife, my daughter, and I for reference.  Yes, the little one is that cute, yes I did get lucky with my beautiful wife.

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