Cycles In Life: Year One Anniversary!

2014And just like that, the first year of Cycles In Life, my blog that was once only a thought in the back of my mind, is now a completed reality.

I’ve experienced a lot of change this year and yet other things are unchanged. I’m a proud new father, a truly life changing event that is special in ways I couldn’t of imagined. My wife continues to be the most amazing woman I know and she still let’s me buy way too many bike parts. I still love riding, probably more so now than last year. I still do a lot of riding, definitely more so now than last year. I still smile a lot while riding, enjoy hanging out with good friends, and taking in views while pedaling.

Looking back on my riding during the first year of this blog I am reminded of a lot of cool things that took place like the Crested Butte, Colorado Trip.
2013-07-29 16.34.41_sWatching proudly as our first local criterium in many years, the 2013 Bloomington Jaycee Criterium was a tremendous success! I’m proud that we locally have a criterium race, mountain bike race, cyclocross race, and a triathlon race.
IMG_1943sI won, much to my disbelief, the Illinois Cat 2 Mountain Bike State Championship.
IMG_1866sI enjoyed a full cyclocross season of riding, heckling, cheering on, and more heckling.
IMG_2798sI had a full winter of awesome riding including trips to the Mississippi river banks to hang out with the FORC crew and smile a lot.
2014-02-15 10.08.59I joined some good friends at Ray’s Indoor Mountain Bike Park.
T86A0144And recently I rode Axletree‘s Gravel Metric. An awesome event put on by awesome people!
2014-05-25 12.31.33Out of all that awesomeness, I’m the most fond of moments spent with friends sitting and talking about cycling with a drink in hand, and thankfully, I’ve had a lot of those moments this year too.
2014-04-06 15.26.07I’m ecstatic to be surrounded by such amazing people. To be fair, the people are what make cycling the awesome thing that it is. I have amazing friends, access to a truly special local bike shop, Bloomington Cycle & Fitness, and am surrounded by organizations like Axletree and local mountain bike clubs that do amazing things. My cycling teammates are the best! They make me a better rider. Dean from Riding Against The Grain (best bicycle blog on the internet) has inspired and helped me turn this idea for a blog into something that seems to work. I don’t have the crazy numbers of views that longer running sites have, but to date here are some things that make me feel like I’ve accomplished what I set out to do:

  • Over 50 awesome people who enjoy what I write and the pictures I take enough to subscribe! Seriously, thank you!
  • My blog has been viewed over 50,000 times in the first year and the rate of views per day continues to rise quickly!
  • My blog has been viewed from over 100 countries! I tend to nerd out and Google translate forums and discussions to see what they are talking about when they click links from across the internet that point back to my blog.
  • I received some great feedback from Riding Against The Grain!
  • Verbal feedback has been positive!

What’s in store for the next year? I have some ideas for future content I want to develop. I want to ride my bike a lot. I want to spend a lot of time with great people. Most importantly, I want to smile, a lot. Thanks for being a part of the first year!

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