Crested Butte, Colorado Trip

Great trip with amazing people, mind blowing trails, and countless memories!

Drive In
2013-07-26-20.55.13_sContinental Divide Cottonwood Pass (Elevation 12,126′)
2013-07-27 11.53.28_s2013-07-27 12.41.17_s2013-07-27 12.57.51-1_sArrived at our condo, this was the view directly behind it
2013-07-27 14.23.13_sSnodgrass Trail (Garmin Data)
2013-07-27 16.53.13_s2013-07-27 17.13.25_sRain Day
2013-07-28 13.38.21_s2013-07-28 13.11.01_sDoctor Park Trail (Garmin Data)
No Camera, favorite trail of the trip though!

401 Trail (Garmin Data)
2013-07-29 16.09.10_s2013-07-29 16.22.56_s2013-07-29 16.32.29_s2013-07-29 16.34.41_s2013-07-29 17.01.03_sMoving from a rented condo to the campground
2013-07-30 08.36.03_sStrand Hill (Garmin Data)
2013-07-30 11.09.11_sDyke Trail (Garmin Data)
2013-07-30 15.20.08_sLower & Upper Lower Loop Trails (Garmin Data)
2013-07-31 14.14.00_sSaying goodbye’s over a campfire under the best stars I’ve ever seen.

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