Blue Lug Awesomeness

I’ve been doing some research on commuters lately and my searching of unique steel bikes has turned me onto Blue Lug, a Japanese bicycle shop. Among the things they sell are some very cool custom Surly Bicycles. Their bikes and photography are great. I pulled a few examples of their work to show here. All images are from Blue Lug’s Flickr.

8730597291_b138226e99_o 7201985458_edf2080501_o 6451814009_3d822274f0_o 6129533581_531a58cf88_o 6952448228_3f95df930e_o8579002189_096a756f91_o 8580111850_3ea8bc72a0_o 9156736029_0e385bf3dd_o 7899604484_f91f8becb1_o 13125694633_591fe603f4_o 6230393172_8a8c4b2eb0_o 7335184388_e91553f8b2_o

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