Bikes Out & Bikes In

I’ve sold a few bikes in the past year or so and haven’t really talked about it here. I ordered a new mountain bike this month and thought I needed to lay out what bikes are hanging in my house, what’s been sold and why, and what new mountain bike that’s on the way has me excited.

Still Loved & On My Wall

My Ibis HD3. I’ve dialed this into a great trailbike and the time pedaling it on different mountains is as close to priceless as I it gets I think. It’s at home doing things that still scare me. It laughs at a rough line down the backside of the mountain. It pedals better than any trail bike has a right to thanks to DW Link suspension. It has more mountains in its future.

My 2014 Specialized Crux. A bike that’s been used on twisty singletrack, cyclocross seasons, country roads, and gravel. I’ve not ridden this much in 2017 but I plan to race it this year in the Dallas cyclocross series. I hear often about gravel options in Texas and Oklahoma so I may venture into some gravel in the next year as well. Cross bikes offer so much versatility it would be hard to get rid of it.

My Surly Straggler. A custom painted and built up by some of my favorite people on this rock we call Earth. I don’t ride it much lately but it’s not going anywhere. I want to get it to downtown Dallas for some city exploring this summer. For now, it’s the around the block bike with my three-year old while she learns to use her pedal-less bike.

My new 2017 S-Works Tarmac with eTap. The bike I’ve spent most of my time on in 2017. A superb ride and snappiness. I ride it weekly in different road group rides in Dallas.

Bikes Out

My 2013 S-Works Epic with XTR, this one hurt to sell. It was the instrument for all of my mountain bike racing. It was the bike I won the Illinois Cat 2 State Championship on after I broke my neck in 2012. My first S-Works. It meant a lot to me. I sold it when I my family and I decided to move to Dallas from Illinois. I didn’t think I’d do any cross-country mountain bike racing during my first year down here. I thought it made sense to sell it that year versus waiting another year to sell it. In hindsight, I should have kept this around a bit longer. I would have enjoyed having a cross-country race bike down here. I’ll circle back to this.

My 2012 Salsa Mukluk Ti. The bike that provided me the most smiles. The bike that doesn’t make much sense but makes so much sense. I loved snowy fatbike rides on the Mississippi and many other wintery snowy group rides on this bike. I sold it because after six months of living in Texas it’s pretty clear I won’t be riding it much down here. I tried it at North Shore but the trails are so technical and filled with rocks that I’d rather have some suspension and something lighter to pedal around on. It didn’t make sense to keep this hung on a wall for 99% of its life so I let it go to someone else that wanted it.

My 2014 S-Works Tarmac SL4 with Dura-Ace Di2. Maybe the bike I’ve loved the most out of them all. My first S-Works road bike. My first electronic shifting bike. Many miles with good people in front and behind me with this bike. The bike was incredible. It snapped forward under power, climbed like a rabid chipmunk, and gave me no headaches over the years. I sold this to a team-mate who would take good care of it and would ride it often after my crash last year. It found the right home. I’ve since replaced this with my new 2017 S-Works Tarmac with eTap, and that relationship is off to a good start.

Bikes In

I’ve settled into life in Dallas and a routine weekly set of road bike rides. I have also found a great twenty-mile tech filled trail system at North Shore and many other trails left to explore. I’ve found myself wanting another cross-country race bike. I want to race some of the endurance and short track mountain bike racing in the Dallas area.

I was waiting to see what the 2018 Specialized Epic’s were after rumors of some redesign. After reading multiple reviews and seeing it do really well at the World Cup level I asked my favorite bike shop Bloomington Cycle & Fitness to order me one.

I went with a color I’ve been eyeing for a while. I’ve heard it called Burple and that sounds about right. It should be a rocket ship and the bike to provide so many smiles over the next four or so years. I can’t wait. I don’t know the exact date I’ll get it sounds like sometime in August. I hope it’s as good as my last Epic, I have a feeling it will be even better.

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