Bike Update: 2014 Specialized CruX Expert Red Disc

IMG_0060Earlier this fall I was fortunate enough to add a cyclocross bike to my collection. Since getting the Crux, it’s been the primary bike I’ve pedaled. I’ve ridden it in several cyclocross races, around town, and a gravel ride. My initial impression of the bike was stellar. I loved it! Since then the time passed, races completed, and general riding have only strengthened the impression.

Since purchasing, I have made some changes to further align the bike with what I want. The total weight as pictured is down two pounds from stock weighing in at 18.12lbs. I have added black Sram bar tape. I like the feel of the tape and much prefer the black color. I think it helps balance the look of the bike with so much white on the frame.

IMG_0076 IMG_0072I added a (black) Specialized Phenom saddle with titanium seat rails and an S-Works carbon seat post. The seat post made a pretty noticeable difference in ride quality, making an already nice ride even better.

IMG_0079The biggest change is a set of Specialized Control SL wheels being added. I have the Control SL’s on my S-Works Epic, and love them. They are feathery light, have great engagement, and have held up to a full season of mountain bike racing without any issues. I like the added flexibility having this wheel set allows me to have. I plan on swapping them between my hardtail mountain bike and my cyclocross bike.

IMG_0068 IMG_0066 IMG_0064I love this bike. If you are in the market, do yourself a favor and test ride one.

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25 thoughts on “Bike Update: 2014 Specialized CruX Expert Red Disc

  1. What tires are you using on there? Looks great. I’ve got one ordered, but have been told it may be MARCH before it’ll be here….

    • I am using the Specialized Terra Pro Tubeless tires that came with the bike. I like them, but to be fair, I have little to compare them to as far as cyclocross tires used in the past. March is a while to wait, but I think you will be very happy with the bike. I really enjoy mine. I think it is the most versatile bike I own.

      • Like how you went with the 29er wheels instead of the others.. I’ve got those wheels on my MTB and the are bomb proof.. I’m gonna go pretty much with the set up you have, but for the gravel events go with a 40 clement.. A friend uses it and it’s awesome..

  2. Is the 18.12 pounds weighed when the bike was stock or after you made the changes? Was it weighed with or without pedals? Thanks

  3. I finally have the money, and therefore wife’s blessing, to get my first CX bike. This exact model is at the top of my wish list. Thanks for the detailed review, you certainly aren’t discouraging me from considering this. I assume the Sram Red hydraulics have been completely trouble free so far? I want hydraulics, but like you have had bad experiences with Avid in the past.

    • The Sram Red HRR brakes have performed flawlessly so far. The only thing that was interesting was the lever pull length. The brake lever when pulled goes about 90% of the way to the handlebar. I initially tried to brake with one finger, but there is not enough room for the rest of your hand to rest without interfering with the brake length. I have since moved to braking with two fingers, which works fine.

      • I assume you’re talking about one-finger braking from the drops, not the hoods? Odd that there’s no reach or engagement point adjustment. Good reminder that these are version 1.0 brakes. I’m sure something much better will come out in a year or two, but hopfully these are more than good enough for a while, esp since a pair of these brakes/shifters would be so stupid-expensive to buy aftermarket.

        • To clarify, I was talking in relation to braking from the hoods. You can do it, but I at least feel the brake lever with no gloves. If I wear gloves it becomes an issue. I believe the brakes could be bled differently to provide a different lever throw length. To add, there is nothing wrong with them and I do like them. I am replacing my road bike this coming spring and will be choosing these brakes again (rim brake version).

          • Thanks for clarifying. I imagine that if they made single braking from the hoods optimal, then there would be too much power when braking from the drops at the ends of the lever. I’ve never even considered single digit braking from the hoods of a road bike. Thanks for your replies, and great blog. I’ve been reading through some of your other posts.

          • I agree with you on the reasoning. If you end up with a Crux, I think you will enjoy it! I appreciate the kind words about the blog!

  4. how did you put the 11spd cassette on the 10spd wheel?
    I assume with a dt swiss 11spd cassette body but then isnt the rr hub
    now effectively 137mm spacing?

  5. Hello, love your bike! Somewhat confused by the wheel size. Are the wheels 29er’s or road bike 700’s ? Any fit issues?

    • Thanks Jim! The wheels that are on my Crux currently are the 29″ Specialized MTB wheels as the outside diameter is effectively the same. They work amazing!

      • Thanks for the reply, I Iive in Santa Barbara and plan on getting your same bike soon. What kind of tires do you run and what size? Have a great weekend!

      • Oh, I should mention that I will get the same wheels also. My question is the Terra Pro Tubeless tires which I assume fit the 700c wheels will also fit the 29er Control SL?

        • The Terra Pro Tubeless tires fit great. They are a bit tighter than regular two inch mountain bike tires to mount, but they are totally doable. I have also ran Surly Knard 41c tires which are about as big as the Crux will clear. When my LBS put the Control SL’s on the Crux they had to swap the freehub body to fit the 11 speed cassette. The bonus of using these wheels are that you can throw some mountain bike tires on and use them on a mountain bike.

          I think you will really enjoy the Roval Control SL’s. They are super light, tubless ready, and have DT Swiss 240s hub internals which rock and are super serviceable.

          Let me know how it all works out for you!

  6. Did you have to use a Roval Carbon SL wheelset with a non 142+ hub to have it fit on your rear dropouts?

    Are you are running QR endcaps on both wheels?

  7. hi, have you used road tyres with the specialized wheels?
    i’d be interested to know what the maximum pressure you can run in them safely.

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