Bike Update: 2012 Salsa Mukluk Ti

IMG_9899I’m fortunate to have a few bikes to pick from when my inner child wants to go for a ride. These bicycles can all be labeled with terms like race bike, road bike, mountain bike, cyclocross bike, and the such. All of these have their place and I enjoy them all and the experiences they provide, however when someone asks me which I have the most fun on, I always think of my fat bike.

My motives for any given ride are typically dictated by what I’m pedaling. When riding my road bike, I am usually on a training ride, often times focused on the wheel in front of me trying to hang on and think out when I can put in some serious efforts. When riding my mountain bikes, at least in the last year, I have typically found myself racing or scouting trail systems for upcoming races. However, unlike all the others, when I throw a leg over my fat bike, regardless of if I am commuting in the summer, riding in fresh snow, or anything in between, my focus is entirely on having as much fun as possible. I know I’m doing this right when my face hurts, not from the cold, but rather from smiling so much.

IMG_9737This titanium Salsa Mukluk isn’t my first fat bike, as I previously had a Surly Pugsley. I had tremendous fun on my Pug, but I wanted something lighter, non offset, and a titanium frame. Since purchasing, I have made some changes to further align the bike with my wants. I have added a Carver O’Beast carbon fiber fork, Thomson stem, Salsa titanium handlebar, Salsa titanium seat post, Specialized titanium railed saddle, swapped the tires around depending on conditions resulting currently in a Big Fat Larry 120 tpi on the front and a Knard 120 tpi on the rear, Niner YAWYD stem cap, and converted the wheels to tubeless.

IMG_9747IMG_9723IMG_9731IMG_9907IMG_9900IMG_9754IMG_9917IMG_9727IMG_9923I recently found this sticker and placed it on my top tube to help enforce that smiling is the priority on this bike.

IMG_9911 IMG_9920As with everything I pedal, it comes from Bloomington Cycle & Fitness, the best bike shop around!

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11 thoughts on “Bike Update: 2012 Salsa Mukluk Ti

  1. That bike is a masterpiece. Love the Ti seatpost & bar. The carbon fork is sweet but……does anyone offer a Ti fork? That would be so cool!

    • Thanks! I’ve had the build down to as low as mid 28 lbs. I’ve added some weight with the addition of the titanium seat post and handlebar over the carbon bits that were on there before. The bike weighs in right at 30lbs as pictured.

  2. Pretty mukluk you, I also have the salsa mukluk you 2013, I installed on my salsa mukluk titanium and titanium handlebar, saddle brooks. I’m in love with this salsa Mukluk you. The month March step buy the Specialized fatboy, very nice too. But they are different concepts. Now to continue customizing the salsa mukluk’m doubting about what you install stem (unfortunately no sauce manufactured in titanium). Which you would recommend? I’ve seen you chose thomson. But there is an alternative to titanium (not moots) good? I also mounting procedures of the carver titanium fork in my mukluk you. I think it’s perfect couple.
    best regards from Spain!!

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  4. How do you like that Carver fork? I am looking to upgrade from Salsa steel. Did the Ti bar and post make a significant difference in the ride?

    • Hello! The Carver fork is very light. It is more compliant but not quite as stiff as some other front ends I’ve experienced. The handlebar and seat post didn’t make a noticeable difference to the ride quality, but they look great on a Ti bike!

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