All Cycles End

I’ve been thinking about it for a while and today I’m posting the last blog post.

Riding has changed for me. Shouldn’t be a surprise as life changes for us all. I still enjoy cycling. This isn’t an I’m done riding story. I still plan to ride once or twice a week on the road and a mountain bike ride on the weekends when I can. It’s hard to fit it all in a lot of the time and when there’s a fork in the road, I’m choosing smiles with my family. I also recognize there’s not enough content to do the blog justice anymore. When I lived in Illinois there were not mountains but there were amazing people who helped make not only the blog what it was but also helped make me who I am.

I’ve had more smiles than my fair share with cycling. I’ve met the best people, you know who you are. I’ve seen amazing places and accomplished some cool things. I hope none of that changes. I’ll still try to smile more than I should, love the great people I’ve met, and continue to join in on trips for amazing cycling adventures. The only change is no blog.

Thanks for reading.

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6 thoughts on “All Cycles End

  1. Thank you for putting up the amazing content!! Your photos were always top notch and it inspired me to take similar photos of my bicycles myself.

  2. Thanks dude. Enjoyed the reads. Fatbike stuff had me following you. Good stuff. Enjoy. I’ve already chosen my fork a long time ago. Cheers. H

  3. You may be surprised in a few years that you have a tiny bit more time and energy to keep this site semi-updated. I know because I went through something similar. Don’t take the site down, just put it on pause. Ya never know…

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