Putting Tires On Dirt In Texas – Northshore Trails

We’re settling into life in Wylie outside of Dallas Texas now. I took the opportunity yesterday on a beautiful sunny 68ºF Sunday to ride my Ibis HD3 at Northshore trails near Dallas Texas. It’s the trail system that I’d been wanting to ride since moving based on reviews. I only had enough daylight to ride the East loop which makes up about half of the 20 or so miles of singletrack. I’ll be back soon to loop the whole place.

Gathering my stuff took about twenty minutes longer than usual because of the move and it’s been a while.

It was really nice to ride again. The roller coaster of flowy and technical trails were a lot of fun. There was plenty of rock and the trail flowed as well as about anything else I’ve ever pedaled. I had a great time and will be back regularly.

Riding local rocky trails in 70ºF temps in January. That’s something I’ve never typed before.

I met some nice local DORBA members. I wanted to show some of the technical climbs and descents. Here’s a local making his way up a rocky steep climb and he later held my phone to capture me rolling down a section. #itsAlwaysSteeperInRealLife :)

It’s been too long, but now that’s made correct. I’ve got a lot of exploring and riding to start doing every week. I’ve found several mountain bike trail systems and will begin to check them out. I want to ride up and around a lake in my area on my cross bike. The roads are busy enough I’d like to find an out of traffic country loop somewhere. I’m hoping I can make that happen in the coming weeks. I’ll join the big group rides on the road as soon as I can make up my mind on what road bike to buy. (Please Specialized release the 2017 S-Works Tarmac Dura Ace Di2 soon…)

Thanks for continuing to read this thing I started a few years ago. I hope you find some joy out of it in this sometimes crazy but often times wonderful world we’re living in.

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