Looking Back & Looking Forward

I’m sitting in a hotel currently homeless as we just sold our Illinois home and we’re about to make the drive south to our new home in Texas. It seemed like a good time to write a quick post to look back and look forward. In a few hours my wife and I are going to our local bike shop’s new years party, something of a special tradition at this point. One last night here to smile, talk about fond memories, and try not to get sad about leaving.

Looking Back

I had an enjoyable year on the bike with some great memories, new amazing trails ridden, and even raced my first year of crits ever. Some of the highlights are:

I had some changes done to my Ibis HD3 that I’d been wanting transforming that bike into something that fits so well into what I want. I wouldn’t change a thing.

I had a great early season trip to Alabama to escape the cold of the north and ride some rocky mountain bike trails with some decent elevation. Really fun trip I hope becomes an annual thing.

The annual Giant City roadie camp weekend is one of my favorite weekends of the year. I love the combination of being with great friends, early season excitement to ride, and a pretty beautiful place to ride in Illinois.

The Lake Tahoe trip was second to no other experiences I’ve had. Really great trip. It was big mountain biking but terrain and views were different from what I’ve seen in Colorado and Utah in past trips. Really beautiful place.¬†

Looking Forward

I’m looking forward to the exciting possibilities in Texas. I plan to explore as much of the riding as possible. It looks like there are many places¬†with Singletrack in the area. I hope to find some gravel somewhere. I know the road riding will be warm and year round. I’m excited. I’m also sad to leave so many of the people who have made such a huge impact on my life when I moved here nine years ago. You know who you are. I love you. Thanks, really.

Onward & Forward.

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