2016 Giant City Trip

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This weekend I joined my teammates in southern Illinois for four days of road riding. It’s my fourth year going to annual trip, and it seems to get better every year. The weather was beautiful all weekend with temps ranging from mid 50º’s in the morning and mid 70º’s in the afternoon. The rain stayed away every ride and the winds were manageable.

The roads around Makanda Illinois are great for road riding. Lot’s of elevation to go up and down, what feels like turns and hills every quarter-mile or less make it a roller coaster all weekend.

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The breakfast every morning at the lodge is one of my favorites. Hearing about moves from the previous days rides, tales exaggerated, or stories of shenanigans from the previous night are the perfect complement to the good food.

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Our lodge was great this year and served as the hangout most evenings including the second annual wine tasting party, a favorite of the weekend. The breathalyzer that shows up every year adds some excitement to the evening.

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Friday’s ride had a little extra gasoline added to the fire with the help of eight of us representing our Illinois State Champion jersey’s, something that seems to draw out more fun fierce riding.

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My weekends riding totals tallied to 211.9 miles ridden, 14,101 feet of elevation climbed, in just under 12 hours pedaling. I love cycling trips, I love this team, I love this yearly thing I get to be involved with. It’s the type of weekend for me that I know I’m living in one of those moments that you’ll look back on and tell stories and smile about.

Day 1 Ride Data
Day 2 Ride Data
Day 3 Ride Data
Day 4 Ride Data

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