2016 Cobb Park Criterium


I raced a back to back crit weekend with Glencoe Grand Prix and Cobb Park Criterium this weekend and had great fun. Glencoe was rainy but awesome while Cobb Park had beautiful weather. Both courses were fun and left me smiling! I’m enjoying racing crits more than any other kind of racing this year!

I took some pictures of the Mens Cat 3 race and the Women Pro 1/2/3 race before heading back home with my family. There’s about sixty pictures of people doing what they love.

I’m posting the pictures for free, enjoy them, if you could show some love to my blog when posting them on your social, I’d appreciate it.

Mens Cat 3

MJ5L6686 MJ5L6957 MJ5L6956 MJ5L6951 MJ5L6943 MJ5L6941 MJ5L6933 MJ5L6928 MJ5L6924 MJ5L6920 MJ5L6918 MJ5L6914 MJ5L6912 MJ5L6908 MJ5L6907 MJ5L6906 MJ5L6898 MJ5L6892 MJ5L6880 MJ5L6872 MJ5L6866 MJ5L6863 MJ5L6853 MJ5L6851 MJ5L6838 MJ5L6831 MJ5L6817 MJ5L6805 MJ5L6804 MJ5L6796 MJ5L6794 MJ5L6784 MJ5L6782 MJ5L6774 MJ5L6764 MJ5L6760 MJ5L6754 MJ5L6739 MJ5L6725 MJ5L6718 MJ5L6713 MJ5L6710 MJ5L6707 MJ5L6696 MJ5L6695 MJ5L6687

Women Pro 1/2/3MJ5L7033 MJ5L7020 MJ5L7016 MJ5L7013 MJ5L7012 MJ5L7008 MJ5L7007 MJ5L7006 MJ5L7002 MJ5L6996 MJ5L6995 MJ5L6990 MJ5L6989 MJ5L6986 MJ5L6985 MJ5L6983 MJ5L6979 MJ5L6974 MJ5L6972 MJ5L6966 MJ5L6962