2015 Global Fat Bike Day

2015-12-05 10.24.49

December 5th is a fun little Holliday amongst a group of people who enjoy silly bikes, Global Fat Bike Day. This year, I joined friends and others at the Peoria Illinois participation of the event. We rode waterways and double track. Smiles were had, silly adventures enjoyed. Riding with a large group of fat bikes is the closest thing to being five with your first bicycle I’ve felt. Look at that ledge.

I. Must. Jump. It.

The ride was a lot of fun. We rode the waterways, surrounded by graffiti. Occasional ice and other slick surfaces made the off camber concrete riding surfaces interesting.

2015-12-05 10.17.56 2015-12-05 10.22.23 2015-12-05 10.25.31 2015-12-05 10.26.16

There were lots of tunnels, some very long. Long enough to drown out the sunlight, so we brought lights to navigate to more fun.

2015-12-05 10.31.11 2015-12-05 10.41.49 2015-12-05 10.40.01 2015-12-05 10.50.43 2015-12-05 10.44.27 2015-12-05 10.57.33 2015-12-05 10.37.24

It’s nice that even after five or so years of regularly riding, I still find myself in new situations and experience things like this ride. I’ve ridden a lot of terrain, but never waterways like this before today. Being a cyclist given me a much wider appreciation of experiences. Everything from beautiful mountain vistas mid ride at elevation to freezing temperatures in a giant storm water tunnel, it’s all special with the right group of people enjoying the moment. I’m thankful for these moments.

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