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2015-07-03 12.29.37-3

This weekend I joined some friends and club members for a Kettle Moraine mountain bike day trip. It was a lot of fun with great weather, good friends, and good trails. The type of summer ride that summers are measured by in terms of riding.

It was also my first ride on my new Ibis HD3. I was excited to see how it fared against the hype I’ve read for what feels like a year. Before we set off, we stopped by La Grange General Store, a neat homey place with sandwiches, beer selection to appeal to bikers, and a bike shop. You should swing by there if you ride Kettle.

2015-07-03 10.33.30

After deciding what groups were going to ride together based on desired distance and effort, I hit start on my Garmin.

2015-07-03 11.31.13 2015-07-03 12.18.23

The trails were neat. I rode the blue loop on fatbikes during winter a while back, but this was my first time on dirt there. The trails were a largely dirt based single track with rock and sand sprinkled throughout. There were a handful of fun downs to get a feel for how the Ibis handled some chop. I’ve never felt plushness and control like how this bike eats up rock gardens and drops. It track straight as an arrow with the help of the Rock Shox Pike, through axles on both ends, and the 41mm wide Derby rims. Comfort and precision would be the simple explanation of how I feel about its downhill personality. The bike also climbs better than my expectations, which were quite high. The bike pedals unbelievably well. I was chasing purpose-built cross-country race machines and having no trouble keeping pace. Wow, no other words.

After we finished the John Muir trails, we rode the connector to the Emma Carlin trail system. It had more tech, but the trials seemed to not give equal amounts of payback for the climbs. I enjoyed the John Muir and Connector trails more, but both were good. We took a break at the turn around point before riding back to the trailhead to end the ride.

2015-07-03 14.01.33

As if the day wasn’t awesome enough, our transportation to and from was a good friends new Sprinter. Talk about the perfect travel MTB vehicle.

2015-07-03 18.36.07

It was one of those days that makes a summer. Good times, good people, and smiles.

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