2015 NAHBS



I’ve wanted attend the North American Handmade Bicycle Show (NAHBS) for a few years now. I’ve eagerly awaited the coverage every spring to see some of the finest craftsmanship in the bicycle industry. With the show taking place in Louisville Kentucky this year, we planned a long weekend to attend.

The experience was pretty neat. There were four rows of booths with eye candy in them. I spoke to some companies in person that I’ve wanted to about future projects and took some pictures. I was a little unsure of what I would be able to capture there. The bikes deserve better photos than what I was able to capture this year. To be honest, all of that falls on me. I didn’t bring any flash gear and I didn’t set up a great location. I also imagine it’s hard for big name brands to let me pull their bike out of their booth for ten minutes to shoot it knowing that my smaller blog’s reach is dwarfed by other sites/ and photographers in attendance. I get it.

For amazing coverage of the show, check out The Radavist. I met John from The Radavist on Saturday for a few moments. He was really nice and friendly. His photography and site are an inspiration.

Black Sheep Fat Bike
MJ5L3021 MJ5L3025 MJ5L3026 MJ5L3027 MJ5L3028 MJ5L3030 MJ5L3035 MJ5L3029 MJ5L3034 MJ5L3037 MJ5L3038 MJ5L3039

Rohloff Hub Internals

I’ve seen a lot of frame bags, but this stood out.

KISH Fat Bike
MJ5L3051 MJ5L3056 MJ5L3059 MJ5L3063 MJ5L3058 MJ5L3054 MJ5L3065 MJ5L3061 MJ5L3053

MOOTS Prototype Gravel Bike with unreleased ENVE fork with integrated fender and through axle Chris King R45 Hubs
MJ5L3080 MJ5L3085 MJ5L3083 MJ5L3084 MJ5L3081 MJ5L3082 MJ5L3088

Retrotec Cycles Fat Bike

Eriksen Cycles Fat Bike

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