2015 Lumberjack 100

Photo By JH Kunnen Photo

This was it, the big day. I started training in January on the trainer and rollers, riding my fatbike in snow, and my crossbike in the cold. The Lumberjack 100 is a 100 mile mountain bike race in Michigan. It consists of many things but is known for having over 9,000 feet of climbing and being largely single track.

I trained working up to seven hours of pedaling time before the race in hopes that would get me close enough to the finish that I’d be good on race day. Thankfully it was. I ended the race tired, but far from drained. I wouldn’t describe the race as hard. I’ve had shorter races that were harder, but I would describe it as long. For me, nine hours is a long time on a bike pedaling. Lots of time to get into deep into your own head.

I didn’t bring my camera although I meant to take it on the last of the three 33.3 mile laps to take some pictures, I forgot to snag it. Oh well. These pictures are from Rob Meendering Photography and JH Kunnen Photo. Only the first picture is of me, the rest are pictures I found that show the trails I rode.

The course was great, providing flowy single track with good variation. There was about three or so miles per loop of gravel or dirt double track, but it was largely all single track. The climbs were spread out, the downs were great treats. The support tent at the lap’s half-complete point was great. The crew that I went up to the race with were great. We had a pit tent filled with people who could make a bike adjustment if needed, fill your water, get you food, or offer words of encouragement. These folks made the day a lot better. My wife was a huge help to me in preparation and during the race.

I crossed the finish line at 9 hours 13 minutes. I’m happy with that. It felt like an accomplishment. A check box was checked. What’s next for me? Chequamegon 40 is later this year. I’ll be checking off my top bucket list trail later this year in Moab, Utah. Smiles ahead.

Photo By Rob Meendering Photography
Photo By Rob Meendering Photography
Photo By Rob Meendering Photography
Photo By Rob Meendering Photography
Photo By Rob Meendering Photography

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