2015 Bloomington Criterium


This weekend I raced in the third annual Bloomington Criterium. A big thank you to the race director Brandon Beehner, the volunteers, and all of the sponsors that made it happen!

My Bloomington Cycle & Fitness teammates and I worked well together in both the cat 4/5 and the cat 3/4 races. I had a lot of fun. My best of the day was a 9th in the cat 4/5 race.

The images can be used for personal use (with credit given), but no professional or commercial usage without prior consent.

The location and course are great. The course was a figure eight with a climb on one side and a downhill on the other. The event is terrific for spectators allowing them to see a large portion of the course from many viewpoints.

Turn One:
2015-08-29 17.38.22

Turn Two:
2015-08-29 17.39.36

Back Straight With Climb:
2015-08-29 17.41.44

Turn Three:
2015-08-29 17.44.59

Turn Four:
2015-08-29 17.46.29

Turn Five:
2015-08-29 17.47.44

Turn Six:
2015-08-29 17.48.54

Turn Seven:
2015-08-29 17.51.07

Turn Eight:
2015-08-29 17.34.35

Front Straight to Finish:
2015-08-29 17.35.23 MJ5L5130 MJ5L4895 MJ5L4877

The Races:

MJ5L5235 MJ5L5281 MJ5L5244 MJ5L5263 MJ5L5251 MJ5L5269 MJ5L5206 MJ5L5278 MJ5L5218 MJ5L5247 MJ5L5239 MJ5L5212 MJ5L5214 MJ5L5207 MJ5L5199 MJ5L5192 MJ5L5201 MJ5L5191 MJ5L5186 MJ5L5203 MJ5L5188 MJ5L5181 MJ5L5180 MJ5L5178 MJ5L5160 MJ5L5164 MJ5L5140 MJ5L5137 MJ5L5162 MJ5L5168 MJ5L5171 MJ5L5157 MJ5L5125 MJ5L5106 MJ5L5117 MJ5L5113 MJ5L5122 MJ5L5116 MJ5L5094 MJ5L5101 MJ5L5058 MJ5L5070 MJ5L5091 MJ5L5056 MJ5L5051 MJ5L5047 MJ5L5045 MJ5L5040 MJ5L5006 MJ5L5015 MJ5L5025 MJ5L5019 MJ5L5017 MJ5L5005 MJ5L4999 MJ5L4985 MJ5L4977 MJ5L4950 MJ5L4955 MJ5L4959 MJ5L4961 MJ5L4966 MJ5L4947 MJ5L4934 MJ5L4918 MJ5L4915 MJ5L4911 MJ5L4932 MJ5L4929MJ5L4862MJ5L4857MJ5L4854MJ5L4843MJ5L4835MJ5L4827MJ5L4825MJ5L4822MJ5L4815MJ5L4813MJ5L4806MJ5L4803MJ5L4799MJ5L4796MJ5L4792MJ5L4787MJ5L4783MJ5L4780MJ5L4778MJ5L4776MJ5L4773MJ5L4755MJ5L4750MJ5L4741MJ5L4734MJ5L4728MJ5L4719MJ5L4716MJ5L4713MJ5L4692MJ5L4690MJ5L4689MJ5L4688MJ5L4687MJ5L4677MJ5L4676MJ5L4666MJ5L4662MJ5L4652MJ5L4647MJ5L4641MJ5L4638MJ5L4635MJ5L4629MJ5L4584MJ5L4534MJ5L4523MJ5L4521MJ5L4518MJ5L4517MJ5L4503MJ5L4490MJ5L4487MJ5L4455MJ5L4453MJ5L4447MJ5L4441MJ5L4430MJ5L4426MJ5L4418MJ5L4417MJ5L4406MJ5L4402MJ5L4395MJ5L4379MJ5L4371MJ5L4369MJ5L4359MJ5L4357MJ5L4346MJ5L4344MJ5L4342MJ5L4340MJ5L4334MJ5L4333MJ5L4329MJ5L4321MJ5L4317MJ5L4308MJ5L4302MJ5L4297MJ5L4290MJ5L4253MJ5L4251MJ5L4238MJ5L4217MJ5L4205MJ5L4168MJ5L4151MJ5L4136MJ5L4134MJ5L4128MJ5L4121MJ5L4236