What Heckling Isn’t

MJ5L2372I love cross season. I think it is a great cycling sport as it seems to bring the roadies and the mountain bikers all into the same circus ring. When I was first introduced to cyclocross racing I was told about all the fun aspects such as feeling like you can’t breathe because you’ve been pegged for the last 30 minutes, the bacon hand ups, and the hecklers.

It sounded great, the crowd being into the racing is good for the sport as a whole. It drives the racers to do the best they can and the spectators feed off of each other to have a great time. It should work like that. It should, but when I go to big cross races, the hecklers are getting it wrong in my opinion.

I’d like to think that we are all at a race to promote cycling, racing, and have a good time, but I can’t understand how telling the over weight 40 something year old rider towards last place that he is losing or he sucks is bettering anyone’s experience but the side liners. Even more frustrating is when I see this coming from people who clearly didn’t race that day.

Look, I’m all for heckling. I’m all for calling the riders out who are clearly sandbagging the cat 4 or cat 5 race, but that’s different. I think a proper heckle to the field should make both the racer and the spectators laugh. A perfect example from this past weekends Chi Cross race was a spectator yelling that he had seen a particular racer in an adult movie because he had a 1970’s porn mustache. Hilarity followed and the racer smiled and kept pedaling because he knew when he decided to wear that man trophy what was involved with such a decision.

We should want people, both spectators and racers to enjoy this sport. Enjoyment and enthusiasm are good for progression. I feel bad for the middle to back of the pack racers who are trying, who maybe at their first race ever, and the crowd is cruel for the sake of approval from the person next to them.

We can do better.

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Today On A Bike

2014-09-24 17.11.48-2The fall is always a weird time for me and cycling. I am usually a little burnt out from the MTB and road season that started back in January. After racing the Chequamegon fat 40 a few weeks ago, I’ve spent less time on a bike in an effort to not burn myself out. Today’s cross practice was a lot of fun and re-energized me a bit for the season!

2014-09-24 17.30.14 2014-09-24 17.48.07

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I Love My Honda Element

MJ5L1932I love my Honda Element, so much so that I’m on my second one. I previously had a 2006 4WD and sold it to buy another car but less than a year later, I knew I needed another one. Why? Versatility!

I love that I can set up a comfortable sleeping quarter and or transport and store bicycles inside. Bike locks are great, storing a bicycle inside of a car is better in my opinion. You can fold the rear seats into the sides of the vehicle and have something close to a box van, and if that’s not enough, you can remove the rear seats all together with a push of a button.
MJ5L1979The rear of Elements can function like other vehicles. Dad Mode.
MJ5L1953I can fold one seat up into the side and put a bike inside (with the front wheel on) for transport or storage.
MJ5L1975I have camped in my Element more than a few times and really enjoy it! With a good air mattress it’s often better than most other temporary sleeping arrangements. The floor of Elements are completely flat which makes things much easier and more comfortable. I used to put an air mattress directly on the floor with a sleeping bag like this.
MJ5L1961I have recently started placing my air mattress on top of the folded down front and rear seat. This is more comfortable and provides more storage under the folded down seats.
MJ5L1965 MJ5L1963Here you can see how there are no B pillars in Elements making accessing anything easy.
MJ5L1974To gain even more space while sleeping I often lock my bike on the hitch rack.
MJ5L1940I love that my Element automatically switches to all wheel drive when the front wheels lose traction! It’s proven more capable than I’ve thought in past situations. This thing gets me to the snow ride when it counts!
MJ5L1983 I love my Element! I love my Honda!

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2014 Sufferfest Colorado Trip

Crested Butte Paradise Valley PinkThis past weekend I joined some great friends for a Colorado mountain bike trip. We spent time in Crested Butte and other surrounding areas. The trip was filled with high mountain rides, great company, and beautiful views. The climbs were long and the descents a combination of awesome and challenging!

Reno Flag Bear Deadman Trail – Garmin Data
2014-08-29 12.08.51-3 2014-08-29 13.51.13 2014-08-29 14.43.39Taking a break we meet a local.
2014-08-29 13.57.56-2 2014-08-29 15.02.26 2014-08-29 14.49.30 2014-08-29 16.07.52Our Condo in Crested Butte was great!
2014-08-30 07.45.08Dr. Park Trail – Garmin Data
This year I rode all the way from the bottom to the top. The climb starts on tarmac, turns into a dirt road, then double track, and lastly single track.
2014-08-30 11.14.19This creek crossing is where we started riding up last year after taking a shuttle. It was really cool to be there again.
2014-08-30 11.35.45 2014-08-30 12.31.49 After the climb to the top you transverse through some woods until the decent starts.
2014-08-30 13.25.44 2014-08-30 13.42.11The last section of Dr. Park is more arid and filled with fun switchbacks and tech.
2014-08-30 14.06.07 2014-08-30 14.12.06After riding that night I joined a friend to take some pictures in the mountains. The first and last picture of this post come from setups like this.
2014-08-30 19.48.12Monarch Crest Trail – Garmin Data
The Monarch Crest ride was amazing and brutal. The ride starts at over 11,000 feet of elevation and was just under 30 miles and 3,300 feet of climbing. The ride was filled with riding above the treeline and technical descents. I found new meaning to the word bonking on this ride.
2014-08-31 11.02.56 2014-08-31 10.57.50 2014-08-31 11.00.08The views were stunning!
2014-08-31 11.11.23 2014-08-31 11.26.49The descents were really fun!
2014-08-31 12.30.11-4I found myself in trouble during a quick wiggle during a fast section and I donated a touch of blood to Colorado.
2014-08-31 13.21.41Kenosha To Georgia Pass – Garmin Data
This was the last and biggest ride of the trip. I took a bail out after descending Georgia Pass. The climb up to Georgia Pass was the biggest climb I’ve ever done and the descent was the most technical and hardest trail I’ve ever seen.

We grabbed lunch on the top of a rock half way up to Georgia Pass.
2014-09-01 11.10.30The view from Georgia Pass was vast and impressive!
2014-09-01 12.35.47The descent (at least the parts I didn’t walk) were great!
2014-09-01 11.57.39-4 2014-09-01 03.50.05-3The trip was tough and really enjoyable! I can’t wait to go back to Colorado!
Crested Butte Paradise Valley Purple

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