2014 Rays MTB Indoor Park Trip

T86A0265My wife and I joined a group of friends at Rays MTB Indoor Park in Milwaukee WI this weekend. This is the second year we have gone up for the Women’s weekend where Rays puts together a great event where pros from around the country come and instruct and help women on different techniques and obstacles to further develop skills, all with no pressure. All of this is pretty cool, especially considering the cheap event costs. They open the park up to guys around 4:00pm on Friday to share in the fun after the women’s skill clinic.

The park is divided into a lot of different sections including a beginner, intermediate, and expert skinny area, different skill leveled jump lines, a skate park, a cross-country loop and a few pump tracks. The intermediate skinny section is a lot of fun to practice those types of skills on.
IMG_2510The pump track is a lot of fun and a lot of work, equal parts smiles and heavy breathing!
IMG_2511 T86A0024 T86A0030 T86A0144The skate park section was a fun area to watch everything from back flips to face plants and everything in between.
IMG_2512The expert jump line was also another fun area to watch people ride.
IMG_2513 T86A0055I had a lot of fun and can’t wait until next years trip!

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5 thoughts on “2014 Rays MTB Indoor Park Trip

  1. Nice write up, thanks for sharing. Great photos, and I am very impressed with your 5DMKIII and how it handled the high ISO, then first one of you at 12,500 and the one of Randy is 8000 and they both look like 800! Outstanding camera work!

    • Thanks for the kind words! You were right about the lighting there, a flash and umbrella would have been choice, however with how busy it is, it would be hard to get a few angles unless the staff helped get you into position. The high ISO handeling of the 5D iii and the fast lens saved what would have been a lot of blurry shots.

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