2014 Morton Criterium

20140628_093655_IMG_0512This weekend I raced at the 2014 Morton Criterium. It was my first crit and I had a lot of fun! It was a completely different animal than the mountain bike races or cyclocross races I’ve done in the past. I’m really happy with my race. I raced in the cat 5 race as this was my first crit. I was in the action for the majority of the race sitting in second or third. My numbers were an average of 25.1 mph for the 30 minute race and a top speed of 33.4. My full Garmin data is here. A big thanks to my teammates for the advice and help with the preparation and Bloomington Cycle & Fitness for making sure my Tarmac was in tip-top shape! I’m looking forward to the next crit!

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20140628_143542_IMG_079920140628_160112_IMG_0821 20140628_000212_MJ5L0131 20140628_143541_IMG_0797 20140628_133910_IMG_0766 20140628_133910_IMG_0761 20140628_133837_IMG_0760 20140628_133719_IMG_0741 20140628_133645_IMG_0723 20140628_133536_IMG_0719 20140628_133534_IMG_0711 20140628_133458_IMG_0704 20140628_133458_IMG_0702 20140628_000209_MJ5L0123 20140628_133339_IMG_0685 20140628_102801_IMG_0603 20140628_133200_IMG_0666 20140628_124850_IMG_0636 20140628_124705_IMG_0625 20140628_124527_IMG_0620 20140628_000210_MJ5L0125 20140628_124525_IMG_0617 20140628_124524_IMG_0615 20140628_102801_IMG_0598 20140628_000211_MJ5L0129 20140628_102430_IMG_0589 20140628_095423_IMG_0561 20140628_095046_IMG_0551 20140628_093520_IMG_0506 20140628_093333_IMG_0504 20140628_090240_IMG_0493 20140628_085524_IMG_0454 20140628_085457_IMG_0449 20140628_085454_IMG_0437 20140628_085337_IMG_0417 20140628_085144_IMG_0391 20140628_085101_IMG_0386 20140628_035002_MJ5L0344 20140628_034821_MJ5L0334 20140628_030710_MJ5L0316 20140628_013353_MJ5L0260 20140628_002510_MJ5L0205 20140628_001434_MJ5L0199 20140628_001304_MJ5L0190 20140628_001100_MJ5L0164 20140628_000925_MJ5L0161

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  1. I’m glad to see this crit is back. I was a member of the club that put on the first one back in the ’70s. IIRC Greg LeMond raced there as a kid.

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