2014 Giant City Trip

2014-04-27 11.31.34This weekend I joined some teammates and friends at the Giant City Lodge in southern Illinois for four days of riding, smiling, and making memories. The weather, roads, and company were great. We set out Thursday on the first ride of the trip with 13 riders.
2014-04-24 14.11.31The weekend was filled with climbing hills and being treated to great views for Illinois.
2014-04-24 15.37.40 2014-04-24 15.40.32 2014-04-24 15.58.32The lodging was great and the breakfasts were as good as I remembered from last year.
2014-04-25 09.29.15Day 1’s Garmin Data

Friday I wore the Illinois State Champ jersey and put in a hard ride with the group. I felt a bit guilty wearing it on the road as I earned it on a mountain bike, but I think I did it justice, although it drained me for the next days ride.
2014-04-25 11.18.32 2014-04-25 13.19.38 2014-04-25 13.44.04 2014-04-25 15.07.27Day 2’s Garmin Data

Saturday I paid greatly for my efforts from the previous day’s ride. I didn’t make any long pulls and sat in the pack for most of the day.
2014-04-26 10.53.38 2014-04-25 10.37.23 2014-04-26 12.51.03Day 3’s Garmin Data

Sunday we set off for an easier recovery ride. There was an effort towards the end of the ride as we rolled back to the lodge.
2014-04-27 16.14.57Day 4’s Garmin Data

The roads were great and a key ingredient to the weekends enjoyment. There is a short but painfully steep hill near the cabin that is a staple for the ride named Baptist Hill. I believe the incline percent tops out around 20%. Pictures don’t do the snail crawling leg burning it induces justice.
2014-04-27 11.24.28The roads in general are filled with curves, rock formations, and hills.
2014-04-27 11.32.472014-04-27 11.18.05 2014-04-27 11.38.27I ended the weekend with 187.18 miles ridden, 10,632 feet climbed, 5,862 calories burned, and set a new personal record for fastest speed down one of the hills hitting 47.5 miles per hour. I can’t wait for next year!

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