2014 Bloomington Criterium

20140823_174902_IMG_2320This weekend I raced in the second annual Bloomington Criterium. This year the event was made the Illinois state championship criterium. I love that Bloomington Normal has a local triathlon race, mountain bike race, cyclocross race, and a criterium! Just thinking about the local awesomeness makes me smile. A big thank you to the race director Brandon Beehner, the volunteers, and all of the sponsors that made it happen!

20140823_161007_IMG_1834When I watched last years local crit from the sideline I was hooked. The speed and tactics made it look like a lot of fun! Earlier this year I did my first criterium to get my feet wet before the local crit. As I’m new to racing crits I went into the state championship in category 5, something I previously tried to be moved out of but USA Cycling has strict rules about new crit racers. My Bloomington Cycle & Fitness teammates and I worked well together and we had a large presence in my races and most other races as well. In my Cat 5 race, I went into the last lap in fourth behind a very strong teammate and after he pulled me up half of the climb on the back straight I jumped off the front and laid it all on the line. No point to hold anything back, and when I finished my sprint at the finish line, I found I was alone and in first place. It felt amazing. I was and still am a bit shocked. I have to thank my teammates for working for me in the race and helping me be in the shape I am in, Scott & Caryn from Bloomington Cycle & Fitness for being awesome and taking care of everything bike related I need, and especially my wife for allowing me to spend probably too much time on a bike.

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The location and course was great. The course was a figure eight with a climb on one side and a downhill on the other. The event is terrific for spectators allowing them to see a large portion of the course from many viewpoints.
20140823_053103_MJ5L1710 20140823_014628_MJ5L1256 20140823_174750_IMG_2317 20140823_012050_MJ5L112920140823_011046_MJ5L1121The Pro 1/2 race had a Dodge Viper for the pace car, pretty cool to watch and listen to.
20140823_175840_IMG_234520140823_005551_MJ5L1104 20140823_012636_MJ5L1196 20140823_181459_IMG_2540 20140823_181419_IMG_2529 20140823_181256_IMG_2506 20140823_180851_IMG_2466 20140823_180729_IMG_2463 20140823_180304_IMG_2426 20140823_180254_IMG_2424 20140823_180144_IMG_2417 20140823_180140_IMG_2407 20140823_180134_IMG_2402 20140823_180026_IMG_2397 20140823_180021_IMG_2394 20140823_180018_IMG_2390 20140823_175903_IMG_2367 20140823_175858_IMG_2360 20140823_175847_IMG_2348 20140823_175122_IMG_2325 20140823_174720_IMG_2314 20140823_172438_IMG_2147 20140823_172253_IMG_2122 20140823_172112_IMG_2114 20140823_172106_IMG_2104 20140823_172105_IMG_2100 20140823_172104_IMG_2098 20140823_171933_IMG_2092 20140823_171928_IMG_2087 20140823_171927_IMG_2085 20140823_171925_IMG_2082 20140823_171753_IMG_2075 20140823_171748_IMG_2066 20140823_171743_IMG_2063 20140823_171741_IMG_2058 20140823_171740_IMG_2056 20140823_171721_IMG_2054 20140823_171651_IMG_2047 20140823_171634_IMG_2044 20140823_171621_IMG_2040 20140823_171620_IMG_2037 20140823_171619_IMG_2031 20140823_171533_IMG_2027 20140823_171440_IMG_2023 20140823_164404_IMG_2011 20140823_162113_IMG_1944 20140823_161352_IMG_1885 20140823_161347_IMG_1878 20140823_160532_IMG_1791 20140823_160530_IMG_1789 20140823_151422_IMG_1759 20140823_151419_IMG_1753 20140823_151418_IMG_1751 20140823_151417_IMG_1749 20140823_151126_IMG_1740 20140823_151001_IMG_1735 20140823_150951_IMG_1730 20140823_150712_IMG_1721 20140823_150710_IMG_1717 20140823_150627_IMG_1709 20140823_150616_IMG_1703 20140823_150551_IMG_1698 20140823_150548_IMG_1697 20140823_150536_IMG_1688 20140823_150418_IMG_1678 20140823_150416_IMG_1674 20140823_150410_IMG_1667 20140823_150307_IMG_1662 20140823_150307_IMG_1659 20140823_150254_IMG_1651 20140823_150254_IMG_1649 20140823_150251_IMG_1646 20140823_150244_IMG_1638 20140823_145435_IMG_1597 20140823_144503_IMG_1581 20140823_144055_IMG_1561 20140823_143742_IMG_1557 20140823_143707_IMG_1551 20140823_143707_IMG_1548 20140823_143604_IMG_1534 20140823_143529_IMG_1525 20140823_143429_IMG_1512 20140823_143427_IMG_1506 20140823_142424_IMG_1487 20140823_142244_IMG_1478 20140823_142113_IMG_1476 20140823_142111_IMG_1472 20140823_141946_IMG_1466 20140823_141932_IMG_1462 20140823_141931_IMG_1460 20140823_133428_IMG_1419 20140823_133348_IMG_1411 20140823_133247_IMG_1407 20140823_133242_IMG_1397 20140823_133212_IMG_1394 20140823_133212_IMG_1390 20140823_133158_IMG_1386 20140823_133145_IMG_1376 20140823_133128_IMG_1373 20140823_133117_IMG_1365 20140823_133043_IMG_1354 20140823_133040_IMG_1351 20140823_133018_IMG_1341 20140823_133018_IMG_1339 20140823_132924_IMG_1329 20140823_125445_IMG_1313 20140823_125442_IMG_1305 20140823_125441_IMG_1301 20140823_125318_IMG_1296 20140823_125313_IMG_1286 20140823_125304_IMG_1281 20140823_125143_IMG_1279 20140823_125015_IMG_1276 20140823_124147_IMG_1263 20140823_124107_IMG_1245 20140823_124027_IMG_1239 20140823_124026_IMG_1236 20140823_123946_IMG_1232 20140823_123945_IMG_1230 20140823_123941_IMG_1221 20140823_123936_IMG_1211 20140823_123905_IMG_1190 20140823_123812_IMG_1179 20140823_123810_IMG_1177 20140823_123808_IMG_1173 20140823_123806_IMG_1169 20140823_123805_IMG_1168 20140823_123646_IMG_1164 20140823_123642_IMG_1158 20140823_123639_IMG_1153 20140823_052530_MJ5L1631 20140823_052528_MJ5L1627 20140823_052405_MJ5L1618 20140823_052401_MJ5L1610 20140823_052238_MJ5L1599 20140823_052114_MJ5L1586 20140823_052114_MJ5L1585 20140823_052113_MJ5L1583 20140823_051741_MJ5L1576 20140823_051029_MJ5L1523 20140823_050744_MJ5L1486 20140823_050740_MJ5L1479 20140823_050739_MJ5L1476 20140823_050615_MJ5L1466 20140823_050344_MJ5L1440 20140823_050141_MJ5L1418 20140823_042322_MJ5L1356 20140823_041848_MJ5L1303 20140823_041845_MJ5L1297 20140823_013823_MJ5L1237 20140823_013646_MJ5L1223 20140823_052527_MJ5L1625

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  1. Congrats on the win! Just found your site while browsing around for pix of 2014 Cruxes (yours is a BEAUT, by the way) and the images on your site are awesome! Just started riding this past year and am completely hooked on it!

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