2014 BLBBRBK Fat Bike Race

20140126_122735_IMG_0776My wife and I drove up to Dekalb, IL today to hang out with the North Central Cyclery and Axletree folks as well as Dean from Riding Against The Grain. We had a blast at their BLBBRBK fat bike race event. The course looked amazing and judging by the numerous smiles on riders faces, the event was a huge success.

The Slemans start, a variation on the Lemans start where racers sled down a hill to the get to your bicycle and then ride up the hill you just sled down was smile inducing!
20140126_110204_IMG_0464 20140126_110301_IMG_0467 20140126_110303_IMG_0472 20140126_110319_IMG_0487 20140126_110051_IMG_9803 20140126_110414_IMG_0493 20140126_110431_IMG_0497 20140126_110432_IMG_0498 20140126_110434_IMG_0499 20140126_110440_IMG_0501 20140126_110457_IMG_0505 20140126_110505_IMG_0506 20140126_110514_IMG_0509 20140126_110520_IMG_0511 20140126_110522_IMG_0513 20140126_110527_IMG_0516 20140126_110541_IMG_0518As I walked to different places to take pictures I stopped more than a handful of times to take in how awesome the venue was. The course was pretty amazing.
20140126_112500_IMG_9809 20140126_113859_IMG_9811 20140126_112920_IMG_0525 20140126_112526_IMG_9810 20140126_114212_IMG_9813 20140126_111747_IMG_9807 20140126_115339_IMG_9815 20140126_114752_IMG_9814The racers were all smiles and eager to laugh from what I heard.
20140126_112927_IMG_0528 20140126_112935_IMG_0534 20140126_113017_IMG_0540 20140126_113039_IMG_0543 20140126_113302_IMG_0551 20140126_113312_IMG_0556 20140126_113343_IMG_0560 20140126_113350_IMG_0565 20140126_113430_IMG_0574 20140126_113456_IMG_0578 20140126_113648_IMG_0582 20140126_113655_IMG_0588 20140126_113707_IMG_0592 20140126_113752_IMG_0598 20140126_113915_IMG_0608The section of the course that ran through the woods very cool, watching the snow fall from the pine trees onto and around the racers.
20140126_114632_IMG_0615 20140126_114843_IMG_0620 20140126_114906_IMG_0624 20140126_115212_IMG_0629 20140126_115547_IMG_0635 20140126_115903_IMG_0642 20140126_115920_IMG_0646 20140126_115946_IMG_0651 20140126_115954_IMG_0657 20140126_115956_IMG_0659 20140126_120128_IMG_0662 20140126_120214_IMG_0669 20140126_120215_IMG_0671 20140126_120216_IMG_0674 20140126_120252_IMG_0680 20140126_120255_IMG_0682 20140126_120516_IMG_0692 20140126_121008_IMG_0696 20140126_121115_IMG_0702 20140126_121116_IMG_0703 20140126_121120_IMG_0707 20140126_121122_IMG_0710 20140126_121221_IMG_0716 20140126_121448_IMG_0724 20140126_122023_IMG_0730 20140126_122225_IMG_0741 20140126_122540_IMG_0750 20140126_122545_IMG_0752 20140126_122552_IMG_0757 20140126_122605_IMG_0759 20140126_122731_IMG_0771 20140126_122741_IMG_0779 20140126_122742_IMG_0780 20140126_122801_IMG_0784There was a downhill shoot where the racers were zipping past.
20140126_123854_IMG_0802 20140126_124123_IMG_0807 20140126_124128_IMG_0816 20140126_124132_IMG_0823 20140126_124301_IMG_0833 20140126_124617_IMG_9827 20140126_124625_IMG_0838 20140126_124645_IMG_0844 20140126_124745_IMG_0851 20140126_124746_IMG_0854 20140126_124919_IMG_0871 20140126_125142_IMG_0872 20140126_125302_IMG_0875 20140126_125326_IMG_0881 20140126_125408_IMG_0886 20140126_125423_IMG_0894 20140126_125547_IMG_0900 20140126_131654_IMG_0912At the lap start location where everyone was hanging out, there was plenty of fat bike eye candy and nice people hanging out.
20140126_125758_IMG_9832 20140126_110419_IMG_9806 20140126_125819_IMG_9834 20140126_130103_IMG_9837 20140126_130355_IMG_9842 20140126_131325_IMG_0908 20140126_130935_IMG_9844 20140126_131344_IMG_0909 20140126_130939_IMG_0906The event was a lot of fun and I look forward to racing in it next year! During winter I often hear of people saying how much they don’t like winter and how ready they are for spring, events like this remind me how much they are missing out on. Winter is an amazing season and I love riding and being at events during it! If you enjoy winter, take in these last few months of it before it moves on!

6 thoughts on “2014 BLBBRBK Fat Bike Race

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  2. Resurrection post…sorry I know it’s been a year. How did that guy on the Surly Kramus get along? Do you recall? I just picked up a 2015 Salsa Blackborow 1, a 5″ class fatty, been wondering about the skinnier bikes.

    I dig your blog man. Don’t worry, I’m stalking Dean’s (against the grain) and Max’s (max the cyclist) blogs too :) when I’m not riding I just want to read about riding! Cycling: hey at least it’s not crack!

    Cheers, Andy

    • I too enjoy cycling blogs :) Krampus and other similar sized tire bikes do pretty well in snow, but I think the true fat bikes tend to do better with much accumulation of fresh snow. That’s all speculation on my part.

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