Bike Update: 2014 Specialized CruX Expert Red Disc

IMG_0060Earlier this fall I was fortunate enough to add a cyclocross bike to my collection. Since getting the Crux, it’s been the primary bike I’ve pedaled. I’ve ridden it in several cyclocross races, around town, and a gravel ride. My initial impression of the bike was stellar. I loved it! Since then the time passed, races completed, and general riding have only strengthened the impression.

Since purchasing, I have made some changes to further align the bike with what I want. The total weight as pictured is down two pounds from stock weighing in at 18.12lbs. I have added black Sram bar tape. I like the feel of the tape and much prefer the black color. I think it helps balance the look of the bike with so much white on the frame.

IMG_0076 IMG_0072I added a (black) Specialized Phenom saddle with titanium seat rails and an S-Works carbon seat post. The seat post made a pretty noticeable difference in ride quality, making an already nice ride even better.

IMG_0079The biggest change is a set of Specialized Control SL wheels being added. I have the Control SL’s on my S-Works Epic, and love them. They are feathery light, have great engagement, and have held up to a full season of mountain bike racing without any issues. I like the added flexibility having this wheel set allows me to have. I plan on swapping them between my hardtail mountain bike and my cyclocross bike.

IMG_0068 IMG_0066 IMG_0064I love this bike. If you are in the market, do yourself a favor and test ride one.

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