2013 Global Fat Bike Day

2013-12-07 10.15.50Some friends from CORBA and I joined our friends over at FORC for their celebration of the 2013 Global Fat Bike Day. We had an amazing time riding fat bikes with FORC earlier this year at another event. When they announced plans to celebrate Global Fat Bike Day, I was stoked to say the least.

Apparently others were stoked also. We counted about 60 riders at the start of the ride with all but two or three bringing fat bikes.
1479538_10151840732983581_326948330_nThe weather was cold. Cold. How cold? 6° F, factor in wind chill, it was somewhere around -14° F. It felt like this ride was going to be filed into the “Character Building Ride” category before we clipped in.

2013-12-07 09.01.13After riding away from the parking lot where the ride started, we quickly entered the banks of the Mississippi river. Smiles were abundant. The terrain that the river banks offer could be described as frozen dirt banks with sand, rocks, downed and upright trees, large and small rocks, a few pieces of broken glass, and whatever else the current deposits when the river is up for the majority of the year. That’s one way of describing it, another would be magical.

I’ve ridden in a large number of different terrains, but the Mississippi banks are something unique. They offer a non defined path where you can ride however you want.  Whether you want to ride along the icy shore, ride through the windy trees, or ride over trees and rocks, you can. Whatever your skill level or desire for technical difficulty, the Mississippi banks deliver. I think that is what I appreciate the most, everyone has a good time.

2013-12-07 09.35.54 2013-12-07 09.37.31 2013-12-07 09.48.51 2013-12-07 10.04.07After riding along the river banks for a while we rode to over to Sunderbruch Park to ride some single track. I didn’t take any pictures, mostly because I was having a blast. I’d rank the trail system among the best I’ve ever ridden.

After Sunderbruch, we rode over to eat lunch. The pile of fat bikes outside of the lunch destination was cause for a smile.
2013-12-07 13.00.39 2013-12-07 13.22.16After lunch, we rode back to the parking lot to end the ride. We stopped in a local craft brewery to change and say some goodbyes over a beer. After which, we started the drive home with the sun setting behind us.
2013-12-07 15.50.10 2013-12-07 16.16.25Big thanks to FORC, Quad City Fatbikers, and everyone else that was involved in organizing this event. It can take a lot to enjoy being outside for hours on end in single digit temperatures, but the 2013 Global Fat Bike Day celebration in the quad cities delivered!

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