Today On A Bike


My wife, my amazing wonderful wife, got me a GoPro Hero 4 Black for my birthday.  It’s been fun learning how to best use it for what I want out of it.  The mountain bike pictures are from yesterday riding Wildlife MTB trails in Peoria Illinois with friends.  The trails are rocky and offer both tight tech as well as flow, a great time if you’re in the area.

DCIM100GOPROG0024174. DCIM100GOPROG0023415.

Bonus pictures from last week on the road bike.  I bought a couple of K-Edge GoPro mounts on the advice of a friend.  I bought a saddle rail camera mount as well as a mount for under my Garmin mount, allowing me to shoot video or take pictures facing forward or backward.

2016-05-12 20.47.36-s 2016-05-19 19.54.13-s

I’ll post more thoughts about the GoPro and mounts as time goes on.  For now, I’m enjoying summer.

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What My Tuesdays Look Like


Tuesday evenings during spring and summer host one of my favorite weekly rides.  It’s a throw down on road bikes that range in mileage from about thirty to over fifty depending on how much daylight we have.  We ride the same route every Tuesday which includes several hills and turns.  Having twenty people there to ride is commonplace.  Everyone knows the sprint points, everyone knows the contented hills.  It’s the best kind of friendly race, and it happens every week.  It’s great, in a painful kind of way.

Just over a week ago, one of my awesome teammates David decided to skip the ride in favor of resting his legs and also to break out a camera to capture the action.  The camera brought out the attacker in all of us it seemed.  I’m grateful to have some nice pictures of this weekly ride, it’s nice to have them documented to look back on.

26716418682_fb5bf7614f_o 26537489880_7909bd29be_o 26716380392_0c452c2d94_o 26716382712_5739f889df_o 26742751981_cbef96330b_o 26204771444_54481249b9_o 26742754851_018fbbf8cb_o 26785529216_c713f2f223_o (1)-2

The full set of pictures from that day are available here.

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2016 Giant City Trip

2016-04-21 14.44-1

This weekend I joined my teammates in southern Illinois for four days of road riding.  It’s my fourth year going to annual trip, and it seems to get better every year.  The weather was beautiful all weekend with temps ranging from mid 50º’s in the morning and mid 70º’s in the afternoon.  The rain stayed away every ride and the winds were manageable.

The roads around Makanda Illinois are great for road riding.  Lot’s of elevation to go up and down, what feels like turns and hills every quarter-mile or less make it a roller coaster all weekend.

2016-04-23 11.34-1 2016-04-21 15.57-1 2016-04-21 16.46-1 2016-04-23 12.20-1 2016-04-21 17.35-1

The breakfast every morning at the lodge is one of my favorites.  Hearing about moves from the previous days rides, tales exaggerated, or stories of shenanigans from the previous night are the perfect complement to the good food.

2016-04-24 08.38-1

Our lodge was great this year and served as the hangout most evenings including the second annual wine tasting party, a favorite of the weekend.  The breathalyzer that shows up every year adds some excitement to the evening.

2016-04-22 15.17-1 2016-04-23 22.32-1

Friday’s ride had a little extra gasoline added to the fire with the help of eight of us representing our Illinois State Champion jersey’s, something that seems to draw out more fun fierce riding.

2016-04-22 11.01-1 2016-04-23 11.30-1 2016-04-23 12.33-1 2016-04-21 15.46-1 2016-04-22 10.34-1

My weekends riding totals tallied to 211.9 miles ridden, 14,101 feet of elevation climbed, in just under 12 hours pedaling.  I love cycling trips, I love this team, I love this yearly thing I get to be involved with.  It’s the type of weekend for me that I know I’m living in one of those moments that you’ll look back on and tell stories and smile about.

Day 1 Ride Data
Day 2 Ride Data
Day 3 Ride Data
Day 4 Ride Data

2015’s Giant City Trip
2014’s Giant City Trip

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Alabama Spring MTB Trip

2016-03-26 17.50.53

One of the best parts of spring in terms of cycling is the excitement to get outside and ride.  Some of my friends and I put a spring mountain bike trip together to Alabama over the winter to get in some warm dry trail time.  This past weekend we enjoyed the fruits of our planning.  We spent three days riding Oak Mountain and Coldwater Mountain trail systems with great weather, it was a lot of fun.  I loved the mix of real deal flow and rock tech.  Hanging out with friends both on the trail and off was a relaxing and great time.  My Ibis has never felt better, I love the one by drivetrain.

Day one was a shorter 10 mile ride racing the weather to get in a loop at Oak Mountain.

2016-03-24 08.36.36 2016-03-24 08.45.00 2016-03-24 09.22.20-1 2016-03-24 09.37.32 2016-03-24 10.04.01

We stopped by Good People Brewery for a post ride drink after day one before dinner at an old train station that’s been transformed into a really neat restaurant.

2016-03-24 14.15.38 2016-03-24 14.25.59 2016-03-25 19.00.04

The house we rented for the weekend was an older home with a great porch to hang out on and soak in some southern sunshine.

2016-03-26 09.14.40

The second day was a full loop at Coldwater Mountain.

2016-03-26 14.14.52 2016-03-25 13.03.57-1 2016-03-25 13.36.01-1 2016-03-25 16.37.36

Day three was a return to Oak Mountain for a full day of riding.2016-03-26 17.45.19 2016-03-26 17.13.04

The Boulder Ridge trail at Oak Mountain was one of my favorites of the trip.  Here’s a short video of me rolling through some tech shot by a good friend.

2016-03-26 15.49.52 2016-03-26 15.08.31-1

The trip was a great bonus to the spring so far.  It feels like we all added a great trip into our year super early.  We enjoyed some tech and flow not found at home, southern hospitality, and sunshine.  My favorite trails of the trip were Boulder Ridge, a traversing large rock filled tech trail I could spend hours on finding new lines up and down larger rocks than my car and Thunder trail at Oak Mountain.  Thunder trail was easily the most flowly trail I’ve ever ridden.  It had deep cut berms on every turn, sixty foot rolling ravines and more six-foot rollers you could pump or jump than you can count.  The combination of those two trails alone was worth the trip.  I’ll be happy to add the spring MTB trip into a yearly event, it was a reenergizing and relaxing time spent with good people on good trails.

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Bike Update: Ibis HD3


I love my Ibis HD3.  It’s a great trail bike that goes up and down amazingly well.  It eats up tech and rock on the downs and pedals better than any 160mm travel bike should have a right to.  The DW Link suspension is shockingly good.  All of that said, some parts of my initial build were not aligning with what I want wanted in a trail bike.

Imagine cresting a mountain peak or climb and the trail points down with lots of rocks staring back at you.  No problem, just drop the dropper seat post, switch the front derailleur to the big chainring, and possibly change a setting on the shock.  That’s too much for me.  It took away from enjoying the moment one too many times.  The two by drivetrain had to go in favor of a one by drivetrain.  I wanted to keep the gear ratio spread of my two by drivetrain to not limit the bike meaning I needed a 10-42 cassette and a 28 tooth chainring according to the magical gear chart.  Problem is I didn’t want to do a full XX1 build because I love the reliability and feel of Shimano shifting.  Enter my dive into what others have termed XXTR.  A mix of Sram XX1 parts and Shimano XTR parts to accomplish a Shimano shifting 10-42 spread in the cassette.  The hybrid of the best of two companies.


The Sram X01 10-42 cassette paired with an 11 speed XTR derailleur is made supposedly better by a Wolf Tooth Goat Link.  A XD Driver was added to my DT Swiss 240s hub to allow the Sram cassette.  Time will tell but so far it shifts like a dream anywhere in the cassette.  Multi shifts, no problem.  Big cog, small cog, no complaining.

MJ5L6210 MJ5L6216

The front end of the mix is a Race Face Next SL crankset paired with a Wolf Tooth 28 tooth chainring.  A Sram XX1 chain makes the front end talk to the backend.


A Shimano XTR 11 speed shifter on the new S-Works DH carbon handlebar (trimmed to 750mm) rounds out the drivetrain.

While I had my favorite bike shop working on the drivetrain, I also had them change some other things like moving the XTR 180mm rotor from the back to the front and installing a new XTR 160mm rotor on the back.  The brakes felt a little overkill last year and I needed to replace the 203mm rotor anyways.


I also swapped out the Specialized Purgatory Grid tire on the rear for a Specialized Slaughter Grid rear tire to hopefully get a better roll out of the tire.  It’s made up of really tight small knobs in the center and bigger knobs on the outside of the profile.  Time will tell, but friends like the tire.

MJ5L6224 MJ5L6225

I’m really happy with bike.  My local bike shop Bloomington Cycle & Fitness killed it.  The owners Scott and Caryn, along with everyone else that proudly puts on a staff shirt make the difference between just another store in town to get what you need and a place that radiates good feelings.  They are super knowledgable, easy to talk to, and love making your experience special every time you’re in there.  Good people, seriously.

I’m heading down to Alabama for a four-day tech and flow adventure with some good friends about the time you’ll be reading this.  I can’t wait to ride the bike and spend time with good people on vacation.


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